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I have been painting my house over the last few months and time to time need to replace some of the siding. There was enough in the garage when I moved in to cover my needs until NOW!

I need a good 40 feet of this material (Weyerhaeuser brand lap siding cedar shake lap), or something close enough to match that I can purchase in the Los Angeles area.

Home Depot only caries this

I have done some research online, but finding it difficult to locate a place that might have it or that specializes in siding. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I have found that a real lumber yard is much better than Home Depot in almost every respect. Look for lumber yards in your area. They will probably be able to match your siding.

The same answer applies to plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures, too. Finding these type places will take you out of the Home Depot world of poor quality and bad selection.
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Well yes, that's because it was the cause of a class action lawsuit!

How long has it been in your garage?

You might want to investigate the Weyerhaeuser site to see what they offer as a comperable (but not shitty) product.
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In L.A. the place to call is Anawalt. Be sure to save a sample to match!
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