Can anyone identify this track from a early 90s UK rave video?
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It's that track that comes in at about 4:47 in this video (the track before Ride on Time). Shazam has no answer — it's obviously something not on Beatport. Someone somewhere *has* to know it! Thanks, hive mind!
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It sounds to me like a remix/sample of "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway. (It sounded familiar from this song.)
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Response by poster: Hmm, I think that's from the following track. It starts being mixed in at around 5.38 and drops at 5.53. I'm looking for the song *before* that. Thanks anyway though!
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Damnit, I know this track, a classic. Tip of my tongue. I think I've even got it on my music archive on my external hard drive. I'll pull it out later and have a trawl.

In the mean time, you might want to try the discogs forum, they're very knowledgeable about obscure stuff like this. Also, try trawling YouTube for mixes with search terms like 'classic rave mix' etc. Also, try Amazon as well, I'm sure you'll find it on a compilation album like this. Paste the tracklist into Spotify or YouTube.
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I'd like to note that grooveshark is a million billion times better than spotify when it comes to obscure stuff like this.

Those tracklists are a great lead, but there's been moments like this when i've gone "what the hell is that track", found it, and ONLY been able to play it on grooveshark.
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Response by poster: I found it! It's the "Dub 2" version of this release. A quick scout around google may or may not reveal a 320kbps mp3 rip... but you didn't hear it from me. ;)
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