Inexpensive & save place to stay near Convention Center in Minneapolis?
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I am going to be in Minneapolis for a conference this August and am looking for a place to stay. I usually enjoy staying in smaller, affordable hotels, BnB's or hostels. It would be great if the Convention Center was easy to reach, either on food or by public transport. I will be traveling alone and won't know anyone at the conference. So it's important to me to find a nice place to stay where I feel safe and can relax after a long day. Do you have suggestions?
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The Holiday Inn Express at 11th street and Third Avenue is probably the closest inexpensive hotel to the CC, depending on your definition of inexpensive. Can you give us an idea of what you're willing to spend? The neighborhood is safe but being downtown can have random incidents.
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The Holiday Inn Express is right next store to the Convention Center, and you'd have access to all downtown. But my favorite place to stay in MPLS is at The Depot Residence Inn Marriott. The Marriott is closer to the river and the more touristy things to do, plus you can walk or bus to the Convention Center with ease.
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As far as anyone knows, Minneapolis has a single hostel. It is within walking distance of the Convention Center (it's maybe a mile, but I didn't check). The reviews on HostelWorld are pretty crappy, though when I've encountered people who've stayed there, they've said it's acceptable. So who knows what the situation is.

Basically any hotel downtown is within walking distance. Checking Google Maps, things in the North Loop, which is the extreme other side of downtown (is it still downtown?), are about a mile and a half away.

In a previous AskMe, someone found this place, which is maybe two miles. You could take the bus (17) to within a couple blocks of the Convention Center, but if it's the weekend, the 17 only runs every half hour and maybe that's a big pain in the butt.

If you use airbnb, you probably want to first look at Stevens Square (close), Whittier (ranging from close to not so close, but with bus service) and the downtown neighbourhoods. (If Downtown East means Elliot Park, it's quite close, but you have to get across interstates, which is a small pain. I'm not sure what Downtown West covers.) Just across the river in Northeast is another option, but I don't know what they're calling that that.

There is a bike share that may be of interest.
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