What was the name of that (now defunct) (English?) link blog?
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Recently a friend of mine and I were talking about a link blog that we used to frequent in what must have been the early 2000s. We can't for the life of us remember (or find) the name of it and it's driving us a bit mad. From what we can remember - it might have been produced by a British person (and definitely was in English); - there might have been a bit of a "new media" skew; - it was definitely a link blog, not at all unlike mefi - we're pretty sure the colour orange (and grey?) was used in the design - it closed down quite a while ago (around ten years) - it was pretty popular Any ideas, people who's memories may be better than mine? many thanks!
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Was itNTK?
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Memepool? They started updating again last year after a long hiatus. No orange though!
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Best answer: Blogdex?
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K10K? The early versions were orange/grey, although it was almost totally design/new media links, so is probably not it.
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Could it have been Wunderblog?
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Might it have been Plastic.com by Carl Steadman? It suffered a big outage in 2006, and lots of folks pretty much left it for dead.
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Finally found at least one of the ones I was thinking of, which is Tom Coates of plasticbag.org (the one I remember was this version). Linkmachinego.com is another. Other than waxy.org, I still feel like there's something missing - I'll keep having a dig!
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Best answer: Jesse James Garret has a list of weblogs circa 2000 (archive.org version) which might help jog your memory. CamWorld has another list. I don't recall an orange+UK combination offhand.
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Response by poster: Ask Mefi, you strike again (at least indirectly!)

Interestingly I think my mind had fused two distinct sites. When I saw Blogdex I thought that might be what I had in mind; I definitely used it often, and I'm fairly certain that's where the 'orange' in my mind came from (http://web.archive.org/web/20040322133341/http://www.blogdex.net/). Thanks, Mario Speedwagon!

But I spoke to my friend and he thought we were talking about something else. Using Jessamyn's list he found haddock.org - British, new media focus, linkblog style (http://web.archive.org/web/20041116091458/http://www.haddock.org/) - and yes, I think that is what he and I were talking about. So thanks Jessamyn, too!
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Robot Wisdom? I don't recall the colour scheme.
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oh man these link blogs are bringing back memories. A time before twitter, hell it was even before friendster...
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Seems as though you've found what you're looking for, but the description reminded me of Bifurcated Rivets.
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