Ultra-simple One-liner Link-blogs, List-blogs?
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What are some minimalist blogs that link to something interesting (article, video, etc), and offer minimal explanation but for a concise remark about it?

I've been a fan of Waxy Links since the Netscape days, and lately I've become hooked on the minimalist design of

No comment systems, no up/down votes, just links (or video links) with a simple one-liner about it, and updated regularly?

TBH, I'm trying to launch my own one of these (and trying not to shamelessly self-link) and I'm looking to find what works and doesn't work with this style.

I realize this style is not more widely popular, but my target/niche audience is to those who do like this style, as I do, and I hope to compete with those others.
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...Tumblrs galore?
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Cliff Pickover's Reality Carnival leans heavily toward physics/timecube/weird stuff.
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Arts & Letters Daily from the Chronicle of Higher Ed seems to fit this description in the world of, well, arts and letters.
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Your efforts to not shamelessly self-link did not succeed. Quickish does this for sports, except it includes excerpts and doesn't add commentary at all. Also, this is the primary purpose of Twitter for a lot of people.
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Christian Neukirchen's Trivium.
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That pretty much describes Instapundit. (Of course, it's politics and he has a definite point of view.)
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Memepool is back, for those who hadn't noticed (and are old.)
The New Republic added Reader last year.
The Browser consistently links to good stuff.
I like Noted without comment, but that's possibly because it's mine.

A more recent, if less ultra-simple, version of what you're describing has also emerged in the form of Evening Edition, The Brief, NextDraft(sort of; it's a mailing list/iOS app).
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LargeHeartedBoy is like that.
posted by CathyG at 8:09 PM on January 19, 2013 is more of an aggregator. And also, you hover to get the comments, but yeah, it is mostly what you are looking for.
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The Morning News puts out a morning and an afternoon post like this every day with about 15-20 links. (If you go to the site it's the content on their sidebar, I usually only see it via RSS feed.)
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In Montreal, there's mtlweblog for local news. It has comments, but I subscribe to the RSS Feed.
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Bifurcated Rivets has been around forever.
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Not Martha is the first blog that popped in my head.

(and is actually how I found out about metafilter, since she links to various posts here regularly)
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