pillows for neck problems
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my brother Steve and I both have neck pains. We're considering buying the My Pillow we saw at Wal-Mart yesterday. The problem is it costs $60.00. Has anybody bought this thing and tried it out? What do you think? Please answer ASAP. Thanks.
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Is it the "I <3 My Pillow" thing? If so me and my SO both love ours.
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My brother uses one and was raving about it at Christmas when the family was all together, telling us that we should all get ourselves one. I think he said there were three different kinds, varying in price, and that he had whichever one was the middle (in price) one.

I laid on it for about 20 minutes and it wasn't for me (I also have neck problems), but my mom tried it out and liked it a lot. My brother still insists it's the best pillow he's ever had.

I don't know if that's particularly helpful for you, but there you go. Pillow choice is pretty personal really depends on the specific needs of you and your neck.
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I have neck issues and I have found that sleeping on my back with no pillow keeps my head in the most natural, no-stress-on-my-neck-muscles position. Takes some getting used to but well worth it. I used to sleep with something like this which was super comfortable but I like to be chilly when I sleep and it was too warm.
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Well, I've had a different experience from the above responders. I'm a side sleeper and I bought the pillows thinking that they would give better support to my neck. The inner foam pieces that lock together inside the pillow made the section under my head too hard. This makes my ear sore after awhile and presses too hard on my neck. Also the chemical, rubbery smell of the foam irritated my sinuses. My Pillows now serve as floor pillows in my TV room. Of course if you're a back sleeper, you may have a different experience.
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Can you get to a Costco? I bought the $10 2-pack of memory foam pillows referenced elsewhere on AskMeFi and am quite pleased. The frequent neck pain I was used to experience has not returned.
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My uncle with neck trouble raved about his buckwheat pillow. If you want to experiment with something lower-priced, you can buy a soft thrift-store cushion (preferably one with a zipper) and replace its innards with bulk whole buckwheat.
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Haven't used that particular pillow, but I tried a bunch when I had neck problems, years ago. (Feather, various moulded foam things, feather around a moulded foam thing, etc.) Soft things failed to support the neck. Really sculptured things trapped my movement or displaced tension, because of an angle being a bit steep or the thing being a tad too thick.

When my neck was at its worst, nothing worked better than a towel rolled to about a 1-2 inch diameter, which is the width of the space between my neck and the mattress, if my spine's in a neutral position.

(It was even more finicky than that, it was something like 1.85 inches and that .05 made things massively more comfortable. And the towel had to be rolled really tightly to provide decent enough support.)

Good news though, if your thing is muscular - once I learned to chill out in that neutral position and quit tensing & compensating, regular pillows were fine again.
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