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We're travelling to Brazil in late May. Where would you recommend for hotels in Itataia and Paraty? Is a pousada a good option? Plus questions about timing, driving, Salvador de Bahia.

We're a group of 4, going partly for business in Rio. After work is done, we're thinking of renting a car, and spending 1 day in Itataia and 2 days in Paraty.

Do you have suggestions on where to stay in Itataia and Paraty? Should we consider a pousada? I don't know much about them aside from being told to check them out for lodging.

Also, work ends Friday, so we'll be doing this Saturday-Monday, returning to Rio at the end. Is the weekend an ok time to do this, aside from it being probably more crowded? Any traffic-related concerns?

Any other thoughts about driving in this Rio area? We'll have drivers who can do manual, although automatic would be nice, but I'm not sure if many rental cars have automatic given Expedia's offerings.

After we return to Rio, we're heading to Iguazu Falls, then to Salvador de Bahia. If you have general/specific ideas for Salvador, I'd love to hear about them. I believe we have lodgings sorted out, but suggestions are welcome. We'll likely stay 2 days. Thanks.
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Paraty is awesome. I have stayed at this pousada probably a dozen times.

The end of May shouldn't be an issue traffic-wise, and I don't see you having a problem renting an automatic, although I haven't rented a car in Rio for awhile, in the parts of the country I am familiar with, automatics are increasingly common.

In Salvador, of course you will go to Pelourinho, I'm sure that's already on your list. In Pelourinho, please check out the São Francisco church, it's really something.
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I lived in Salvador for eight years. I have lots of answers. Feel free to memail me your specific questions.
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