Epguides as a todo list?
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Is there a website to help me keep track of which episodes of a TV series I've watched?

I love the Walking Dead. It went on break last fall and I missed that it started up a month ago and now a couple of the episodes my Tivo recorded have already disappeared. More generally I watch TV out of order, or in bursts, and I can never keep track of which episodes of something I watched or when they'll rebroadcast.

I'm looking for a website where I sign up and say "I like this show" and it keeps track of which episodes I watched, which have been shown but I haven't seen yet, and notifies me when they're being broadcast, shown again on cable, or made available via iTunes/Netflix/Amazon or whatever. I wouldn't mind some social features like GoodReads where I share my opinions on shows with friends, but mostly I just want to keep track of what I'm watching. A site like EpGuides has most of the raw data (episode numbers, original air date) but it doesn't have a personal viewing tracking system. Bonus points if it works well for a prolific show like Chopped which has a zillion episodes and not much of a fanbase keeping tracking of them all.
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Netflix remembers where you are,or at least the last one you watched. As long as someone doesn't come in behind you and start watching it too anyway.
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Best answer: http://www.myepisodes.com/
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Best answer: Or http://www.episodecalendar.com/ ?
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I think TV.com does a lot of this. Certainly you can mark an individual episode as something you've watched, and it offers info on when shows are airing and links to places like iTunes, etc where you can buy them.

(Disclosure: I work for the company that owns TV.com. I do not work on TV.com, or I'd probably have a less vague answer to this question.)
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Best answer: sidereel.com is my choice. I add shows I'm interested in to my 'tracker', then I get an email when they air. I don't know if you can be notified when episodes are being rebroadcast or newly available digitally, but there are download links (which I've never used) per episode.
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On Windows Phone there's an app for that. You select the shows, check off what episodes you've seen (it includes recaps) and it will build a consolidated list for you of all the episodes you need to watch.

Not sure if there's a similar app on the other platforms.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! On a quick look, MyEpisodes is the sparest and most hacker-like system that does exactly what I wanted and nothing more. EpisodeCalendar and SideReel both feel more like polished consumer products but narrowly focussed on tracking TV shows to watch. tv.com has a tracking episode feature but is really more of a general TV guide type consumer site, not specific to focussing on a to do list.

They're all free, so I may try a couple out and report back later.
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There's a "SeriesGuide" app for Android I've been using, might be what you're looking for.
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This is primarily a TV calendar but also allows you to check the episodes you've already seen like so.
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Response by poster: After trying those three for awhile I decided I like SideReel the best, mostly for its integrated "all shows at once" view. EpisodeCalendar is also good. MyEpisodes was just a bit too spare for me.
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