Roll my own torrent player for my TV
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How can I build a machine (PVR?) that downloads torrents automatically via RSS and allows me to access them in a Tivo/DVR/PVR like interface on my television?

Ideally, I'd like to be able to control it through a remote. I don't watch a lot of TV, and therefore don't have cable. I do, however, enjoy a lot of educational shows and would like to be able to download and watch them on my television (not monitor).

I know there are a bunch of howtos out there about how to roll your own PVR/DVR, but none of them quite get me where I want to go. And, I know there are things like Torrentocracy and MythTV, which is very close to what I am looking for so maybe I just need some direction there. There has to be something like this available somewhere.
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I've had quite a bit of luck with Beyond Media. (There's a Beyond TV, but that's the TV side of things. Beyond Media is for stored media). The program is very slick (unlike mythtv, which sucks imo). Download utorrent, by far the best torrent software available and enter your RSS feeds. Tell utorrent to download them to a directory watched by Beyond Media, and everything should work.

If you happen to have movies stored on your hard drive, download the free DVD Library plugin for Beyond Media. It's incredible.

Note: these instructions are for Windows. I had a terrible time trying to setup a system like this on linux, but your experience may differ.
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Not sure what you mean by DVR-interface--all you're really after is a list of shows you have downloaded, right?

If so, go with your friendly neighborhood RSS reader (utorrent is great) plus XBOX MEDIA CENTER.

XBMC (it helps to search using this term) is amazing. Requires no soldering, but some technical inclination. I.e., it would help if turning an Xbox into a kick-ass set-top box is something that would interest you. (Otherwise, shell out some money for a pre-modded one on eBay.)
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The Azureus torrent peer has an RSS plugin (more than one, I think). Set it up, give it a keyword, and it'll download everything in a feed matching that keyword.
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I second everything deadfather said!

I've never used my xbox for anything but XBMC
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Use Democracy, and use these instructions to subscribe to your favorite show via RSS and Bittorrent.
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holy crap! thanks for the xbox suggestions -- i was deadset on building an HTPC and was just checking this thread to see what the best distro is -- but heck, it looks like I could probably put together an xbmc for under $150. hell, that's almost what i was thinking about spending on the CASE.

plus: video games! bonus!
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i third xbox with xbmc. The thing rocks. period. DOIT.
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so, uh, i just bought an xbox. Is a soft mod good enough for xbmc, or should i modchip it?
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fwiw I guess I'm planning on paying some guy in SF (who comes well recommended) $40 to throw in a DuoX for me (only about $25 over what the chip costs -- worth it, in my estimation, considering I'd need to pick up an iron for this project, and also satisfying my need for instant gratification). Additionally, he's going to throw on the dashboard, XBMC, etc etc, so I won't have to waste my time looking for the homebrew apps.

He installs HDs for free, so I'm going to toss in a 120G.

My cheapskate instincts are warring with my love of buying the most featureful and expensive solution, but they might lose out and I'll drop the extra $40 to have the Xecuter 3 installed.
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Response by poster: got an xbox modded it, love xbmc. great answers everyone!
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