What is the current best method for getting DVR content to multiple sets
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Moving from a situation where I have 1 TV to one where I will have multiple TVs. What is the high-quality budget alternative to get DVR content to multiple sets?

I currently have a TiVo TCD748000 Premiere XL with lifetime service, and want to be able to keep DVR functionality. The costs for additional TVs whether rented through TimeWarner or Verizon FIOS or purchased from TiVo seem ridiculously high to me. My TiVo model doesn't support the TiVo Minis. I think it might support TiVo Stream, but it looks like that will only get content to iOS devices. Roku can act as a TimeWarner cable box, but that doesn't get me access to DVR functions. I could get a new TiVo Romio with a few TiVo Minis, but that ends up being over $1,000 for lifetime service subscriptions or equivalent to the monthly cost of equipment rental from the providers.
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DirecTV's DVR does this for you with no particular drama. There's one real DVR in the house, then satellite mini boxes that stream content off of the DVR or live from the satellite. It works great, but the monthly fee per TV seems a bit steep. I think the Samsung SmarTV stuff built into the LCD panel itself can also stream off of the DirecTV master DVR without a box, but I'm not certain.
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Are you keeping cable or going OTA?

If OTA is in the cards, check out TabloTV. You can use Rokus like you would TiVo Minis. If you have content stored on a home computer, I recommend Plex.

If you have a Mac at home, you can get EyeTV which is DVR software that will feed into Plex.
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Response by poster: I think I'll be keeping Time Warner Cable. I would be open to switching to Verizon Fios. Off air is too limiting in terms of channel choices for what I want, and satellite would be a challenge with the new HOA. I do have a Mac Mini and I run Plex on that currently.
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