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Is there a Readability-like app for video that will send YouTube videos to my Tivo or Apple TV with one or two mouse clicks?

In my ideal world rather than click on a link to YouTube I could right-click and select "Send to Apple TV" or "Send to Tivo" and then when I got home I could turn on my TV and see a playlist with all the videos I've sent. Pretty much exactly how Readabiity works with my Kindle.

It would have to be able to do this from any computer, even if it didn't have iTunes on it. So a simple browser add-on would be best. It won't help me if I can only do it from my computer at home. I realize I can bookmark stuff with a cloud-based bookmark thing during the day and then watch them at home on a computer. No good, I want them on my TV.

I do not want to build any sort of home-grown Linux Tivo wanna-be system.

I *do* have XBMC on my jailbroken Apple TV 2. I would rather not have to use that but if what I want can work with that, I'll take it.

I have a feeling I'm overlooking something obvious here, like what I want already exists within those products. I suppose I could follow the link and favorite something on YouTube and then browse to my favorite list but I'd rather not even go to YouTube in the first place.

I want it to be as simple as possible. Right-click, send, go home, sit my lazy ass on the couch and have my TV help me catch up on the day's "must see" videos.
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I do this through Youtube's 'favorites' feature. Should come for free via a Google account; Underneath each video there is a button that says "Add to". Click that; click "Favorites". At this point you should be able to get at the favorites list from any settop box with Youtube integration, e.g. Apple TV.

I believe you can have multiple playlists as well; I just stick with the single one.
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Hm, if you have an iOS device, what about using Pocket, which has some nice support for videos, along with AirPlay? Then, when you're home, you take out for iPhone (or iPod, or iPad), and just AirPlay the videos to your TV, via your Apple TV?
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Same as scolbath, I do it via Favorites with the native Apple TV Youtube app. You could also make a playlist, which is all Favorites is. If you also happen to have an iPhone or iPad (think it would need to be 2 or higher), you can look at Youtube in that and send the videos to the Apple TV.
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Yeah, I made a YouTube playlist for watching things later. YouTube has a "Watch Later" button but Apple TV doesn't pick up on it.

Vimeo has similar features, I think.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I guess the Tivo favorites is the only/best way to do it for now. I'd love to streamline it somehow though.

Someone needs to build this.
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For YouTube, try the "favorites" out to easily access them on your TiVo or AppleTV.

For Vimeo, you can save videos to a "watch later" or you can "like" all videos, then get those on AppleTV's Vimeo app.

If you want a device dedicated to this, get yourself a Boxee Box. They are fantastic and you can save almost any online video streams to a "Watch Later" pile that is one of the big first options on the home screen when you start Boxee up on your TV. I have used it myself to watch YouTube, Vimeo, TED talks, random flash video from various other conferences, almost anything.
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Response by poster: The boxee is tempting but I'm not sure I need yet another component to mess with.

I wonder if there's a Firefox plug-in that will let me favorite a YouTube video by right-clicking the link. The idea is I don't want to actually GO to the YouTube site while I'm at work, but I do want to save the links.
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