How can I manage collaborative voting on a CMS-based website?
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Trying to solve a voting problem on a collaborative website. Say you were running an awards website and you wanted your judges to vote first on nominees, then on the winners. The system would go like this ...

OK, so you have categories a, b, and c. Within each category are items a1 through a10, etc. You have a total of N points (10, 20, does not matter) to allot in the entire category. So for example, in any of categories a, b, or c, you can assign points totaling 20 (5, 5, 5, 5; 10,10; etc) but you cannot exceed 20. The system should reject any votes that exceed 20 points in any one category. From these point allotments, we'd end up with nominees. Then later, we can rinse and repeat with reduced categories (based on the nominees) to designate winners.

Perhaps there is a Wordpress plug-in that could do this? Or maybe this is a feature to be found in another CMS?
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