Looking for a restaurant recommendation in Tallahassee
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On Sunday afternoon my wife and I are driving up to Tallahassee, FL in order to meet someone for lunch. None of us have ever been to Tallahassee before, and we would like to find a restaurant that will be open for lunch on Sunday, and is a comfortable place to sit and have a conversation (this is a person we have not seen in several years, so we would like to be able to sit and chat for a good long while). Our guest says she loves ethnic food, and is also interested in any local favorites. Any recommendations?
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At a quick glance ...Tallahassee is college town, so I have to believe it will be easy to find some Sunday brunch places.
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I would recommend Sage or Food Glorious Food. Both are good local favorites and they both have good outdoor seating if the weather is nice and comfortable insides if it isn't. Tallahassee is not exactly known for its ethnic food but I haven't lived there in a while so there is a chance something new might have opened up.
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It's been ages since I've been there, but when I went to school at FSU one of our biggest "treat" restaurants to go to was Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant. Their gnocchi was my favorite.
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Response by poster: Just checked 0 Mom and Dad's is closed on Sundays. Both Sage and Food Glorious Food show Sunday hours as only 10 - 2:30, which is too early.
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It's not a fancy suggestion, but Andrew's will have brunch downtown on Sunday (standard hours, but will be open after that, so you can still linger). They have outdoor seating, if the weather is nice. All of the more unique or favorite places that I remember liking (Sahara, Bella Bella, Kool Beanz) seem to also be closed at least by 2 on Sunday.
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