Help me plan a unique New York City bachelorette party
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I could use some input on how I can pull off the bachelorette party I have envisioned, in New York City, in late May of this year. Keywords: fun (not raunchy), slumber party, karaoke, good food, overnight.

My cousin pulled a fast one on me and moved her wedding up by a full year. I'm scrambling to plan the bridal shower (a whole 'nother beast) and a bachelorette party. Most of the bridesmaids and a few friends are in the North Jersey/NYC area, so holding it in Manhattan is the primary choice. The party will be held either 5/31 or 6/1.

I have envisioned a night that goes something like this: Eat some delicious food, go to a karaoke bar and sing drunken anthems, maybe hit a bar or club after, end the night at a location in which I can turn into the greatest slumber party, complete with blanket forts, snacks and cupcakes and air mattresses or shared beds, fluffy slippers, silly little-kid blankets, et cetera.

I suppose the most important questions are:
1. Where can I construct a slumber party? Are there any hotels you might know of that would work with me on this? I considered AirBnB, but I would have to clear it with the owner beforehand, and possibly come in a day early to decorate... This is my main concern.

2. Where should I bring a group of 5-10 mid to late 20's women for a not-too-expensive, not too 'adventurous' (I think some of them are picky about worldly cuisine) dinner? Maybe a tapas place? I would consider Blue Ribbon Bakery for the general ambience and food type but it's not ideal in terms of loudness and large parties.

3. Which karaoke bar can accommodate large-ish parties? Sing Sing on St. Marks is my go-to, but maybe I'm missing out on other great options. Private rooms are ideal.

4. Any suggestions on other clubs or bars to go to? None of us are into the club scene, nothing super exclusive, nothing snobby, nothing aimed at the college crowd. Just a decent place we can get drinks and dance a bit before ending the night.

5. Any other alternative ideas or activities that might work for this group would be wonderful. Bride-to-be is 26, girly, loves romantic comedies and coming of age movies, comfort food, getting dressed up, baseball. Not into overdone NYC bachelorette things like Lucky Cheng's. Can handle some raunchy fun but nothing overt. Probably not into the 'spa' thing but will go for occasional pedicures.

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1. What would you have to clear with the AirBNB owner? Are you concerned that there wouldn't be enough pillows or blankets?

3. K-Town.
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Rent the airbnb for a day earlier and a day later than the actual duration of the party. Early: to bring in extra blankets, set up forts, etc. Late: To clean up! Why would you have to clear it with the owner? Just be clean and quiet and respectful of the neighbors and the space.
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1. AirBnB is good - just watch out as short term rentals are more or less illegal in Manhattan and you don't want to have a problem! Also consider exporting your slumber party to BK to get more bang for your buck.

2. Tapas place: Casa Mono is delicious but it's really tiny and noisy - however if you were 10 the noise would likely come mostly from you! Other places I can think of that you might want to look into: Cafe Cluny (close to Blue Ribbon, with a french vibe and a little quieter) DuMont (in BK), the Dutch (soho, a little trendier), the NoMad (much trendier, maybe expensive, but actually good), Public (good food, you'll have space, and the place is nice - probably would be my first choice)

3. Look into Karaoke places in K-Town -they have everything.

4. That list is hard to come by in Manhattan... maybe Avenue, but it's a little corporate-ish although you probably wouldn't mind for a bachelorette's. You would have better options in brooklyn.

5. How about having a private class of something - probably affordable if there's ten of you! Pole dancing? Acro-yoga? Hip-hop? Then you can all take a shower, head out, and go eat and drink!
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I have this picked out for my brother's bachelor party, but I would think something like this can work equally well for a bachelorette party.

Duane Park
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1. Try a Kimpton Hotel, they have excellent customer service. Maybe the Eventi on 28th and 6th. Don't forget to request a complimentary live goldfish in a bowl for your stay.

You could get inexpensive slippers, pillows, blankets and more at K-Mart. There's one by Penn Station and another by Astor Place. Sugar Sweet Sunshine (cupcakes) is on

2. How much is "not too expensive"? I ask because it's tough to do a large group in Manhattan for less than $40pp (before tax, tip, drinks) without resorting to pizza/Chinese/burgers/BBQ.

For tapas, try Boqueria which does a special $40pp chef's menu for larger parties. You'll probably end up in their big booth in the back.

Tertulia will do big groups but is more expensive ($55pp).

Casa Mono will not do groups of more than 6, BTW.

3. I've always had a good time in the private rooms at one of the Karaoke Duet branches.

4. Sorry, can't help.

5. Check out what is being offered on SideTour. Maybe a chocolate making class?
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Response by poster: Well, the tricky thing about AirBnB is that I live about an hour and a half from Manhattan and I may not be able to travel in and prepare the space myself, but perhaps I can pull it off.

I guess I was thinking about 'clearing' the idea with the owner because it's kind of an unconventional use of the space- the other times I've used AirBnB it's been leaving their space as is, using the items/linens provided, like a hotel. The way I'd like to use it is like a blank slate, adding my own 'stuff'. If I had a listing up there and someone wanted to do what I plan on doing, I think I'd rather know than not, not that I plan on leaving the space any different than when I arrived, of course.
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