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Does anyone know the piano song in the Comedy Central commercial for the new season of "Workaholics"?

Does anyone know the song in the commercial for the new season of "Workaholics"? It's the commercial where it's dubbed in French, I think, it's been running a bunch during the Daily Show and Colbert Report (but I can't even find the commercial online--at least I THINK it's Workaholics--I've been distracted with other tasks every time it's come on).

It's a lonely piano and sort of sounds melancholy and, well, French. I know I've heard it before, and it's bugging the heck out of me. I was able to plunk out the tune on a virtual piano and it said the notes were: E-41, G-44, F-42, E-41, B-36, A-34, B-36, C-37, G-32, E-29, E-29, E-29, E-29 (these last four notes are long and part of a chord) (if that helps at all). I can't Shazam it because they're talking over the music in the commercial.
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Erik Satie - Trois Gymnopédies
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Gold star for you, subtle-t!!! Many thanks.
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