"Die by trout stick" ?
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Fifteen years ago, I saw a sketch on Comedy Central about depression-era fish farmers, in which one farmer stabbed the other with a fish stick, while screaming "Die by trout-stick!" What show was this?

Random, I know. I'm pretty sure it was on Comedy Central in the summer of 1992. Perhaps as part of their "new fall season in July." They were running a lot of Kids in the Hall then, but I don't think that was it. As I recall, it was set in the 30's, the trout farmer was an evil scheming villain, and the noble salmon farmer was named Harry. I believe it was presented in a melodramatic, soap opera-like fashion. Google is only aware of a single occurrence of the phrase "die by trout stick," in this MySpace page's comments. I do not have a MySpace account, or I would contact the poster of that comment.

At any rate, it was such a delightful non sequitur that my girlfriend and I will, to this day, occasionally bust out with "die by trout stick!" and wish we knew whom we were quoting. Ring any bells?
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Best answer: Exit 57 (Salmon Farm).

Exit 57 starred Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert before they made Strangers With Candy together.
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Best answer: Damn, I had it!
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Response by poster: Excellent! How very satisfying to have that resolved, and so quickly. I'm surprised that I was off by three years, but the mind's a tricky thing. Thanks!

A check to miss lynnster too, for almost being first.
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Best answer: here's the youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmL6zkdEzwg&NR=1
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Response by poster: Let's make that a real link. Thanks, LizardOfDoom.
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