What was this Comedy Central series called?
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It followed this guy who would talk to his dad sometimes and it was cut together like Jon Benjamin Has a Van. The guy was named something like John Heffman (but that's not it). It was a little like Demitri Martin's show. It's been on within the last four years.
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Is it Big Lake? If not, maybe it's something else on the Wikipedia list of Comedy Central shows.
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Looking at this list, maybe Jeff Dunham?
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Response by poster: Definitely not Jeff Dunham. I looked through that list and couldn't see it... maybe it was on another network. I just remembered it had Norm Macdonald segments in it.
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Best answer: I believe it's The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman. I thought it was hilarious but it was cancelled pretty quickly. Norm appears in it, he talks to his Dad and his psychiatrist.
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Response by poster: Yes, that's it! Thank you. Too bad it was cancelled.
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He was also a contributor the the long-gone current.tv series Infomania. Some of the clips are still up on youtube, including some segments that he reused for his Comedy Central show.
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