Are the 420 delivery services advertised on craigslist safe?
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How safe are the "420 delivery" services advertised on craigslist in NYC?

I'm traveling to NYC to see a show (Joshua Light Show) that would be greatly enhanced by a nice sativa. As I don't have any local options, I contacted someone advertising a delivery service on craigslist. He promptly replied, asking for my phone number so we can touch base when I get there.

I'm not getting a sketchy vibe from this guy, but I find myself getting cold feet now... I'm not worried about the police being interested in the tiny amount I'd be purchasing, and if I end up getting scammed I wouldn't be out that much money. But is this a really bad idea for some reason I'm not considering?

Throwaway e-mail:
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Don't do this. Craigslist 420 sellers could be cops posing undercover. No decent herbalist will advertise a phone number on Craigslist, at least not in NYC.
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Know your dealer.

This is an important rule for a lot of reasons, not just the obvious ones. If you don't at least know someone who can vouch for him then it's kind of a big risk. If you get fucked on the deal, it's not like you can go to the cops or the Better Business Bureau.

Also, yeah, no one who's worth a damn will advertise on Craigslist in NYC. The risk is altogether small, but not small enough that I'd take the chance.
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Any delivery service who are safe and dependable have no need to advertise on craigslist. They may not be cops, but they're probably not very bright, and that could be worse.
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When I moved to where I am now, I tried the Craigslist route before giving up and finding a reliable source via asking around at open-air drug markets. This part was not fun, but it worked.
The good thing about CL is you don't have to go to an open-air drug market, but there are downsides to this as others have mentioned.
In NYC, seven years ago at least, Washington Square Park was one place where I could reliably find (mostly shitty) weed.
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Please don't ever ever buy any kind of shit from someone you don't know. When finding a dealer anonymously the only thing you know about them is that they arn't afraid of jail or stupid risks, and the only thing they know about you is that you're dumb enough to take stupid risks, are carrying money, and arn't going to go to the police. THIS IS A REALLY STUPID DYNAMIC that you really don't want to be in.

Besides, these days more than half of the pot in the United States is grown and trafficked by Mexican cartels; and your already bad odds of giving those fuckers money goes up dramatically the more stupid and sketchy shit you do. Even if you don't care about keeping yourself safe, please give a damn about your more vulnerable neighbors.
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I don't know what NYC venues are like, but in San Francisco at places like the Fillmore, the air will be blue with pot smoke (lighting a cigarette will get you thrown out or at least yelled at). People will also smoke out (discreetly-ish) outside the venue. Be friendly and strike up conversations with likely people and you'll probably get offered some by happy, friendly stoned people.
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Do not buy drugs or sex over the Internet, ever. This is a life rule.

Pretty sure you'll do fine outside the Skirball Center. Though it should be noted that Washington Square Park is full both of drug dealers and cops, and one or both of those can be a real annoyance.
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I know nothing about NYC craigslist, but I've bought from two separate people from the DC craigslist without issue. You're right that if you keep the quantity/$$$ low teh there's little incentive for either cops or criminals to get involved. Meet somewhere public but discreet.
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