Facetime for Android?
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Is there a way to talk make a Facetime call from an Android phone to an iPad?

I have a friend who prefers to communicate with people using Facetime on his iPad. I do not have an iOS device, although I do have several Android devices. Is there a way for me to make an Android-to-iOS Facetime call?

My gut instinct is that their probably isn't. However, when Steve Jobs first announced Facetime he declared onstage that it would be an open standard that others could implement. Although a Google search tells me that that may not actually have happened, I'd love to be wrong and find that somebody built an app or work around that lets me do this.

I know that there are equivalent systems available for Android. For example, I can make video calls over Google Talk. This question is not about that.

What do you think, Mefites? Is there any way to make a Facetime call from Android?

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As far as I know, this is impossible. There are cross-platform programs that do video chat, like Skype, but he'd have to switch from Facetime on his end.
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No you can't. There are other options... one option is Skype.
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As your link said, Steve's announcement on stage was the first time the Facetime team had heard about it being an open standard. I follow Apple pretty closely and I haven't heard any mentions of it since then. Your best bet is Skye or something similar.
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No. Facetime won't connect with another phone that doesn't have Facetime, regardless of who calls who, and there is still no cross-platform Facetime. I don't even think you can download Facetime from anywhere since it is pre-loaded onto IOS 4.0+ devices, much less run it, unless it's for an install on a Mac.
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You can, however, do the opposite. Use an app like Vtok on an iPhone or iPad to video chat with people on Android via Google Talk.
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Tango.me until FaceTime opens up.
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Ok, that's what I thought. Thanks everyone.
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