Advice for finding good sublet->rental on E/F train in manhattan.
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NYC Realestate filter. Best ways to find an apartment sublet this August, and then a rental. Must be on the E/F subway line. Questions about subletting/renting -> Clinton/MidtownEast/LIC-queens neighborhoods follow.

We're based in CA and likely moving back to NYC soon. We'll need

i) to sublet on near the E/F subway line in/near midtown manhattan for a month, and use that month to
ii) use a realtor (or other method) to find a rental in the same neighborhood.

Advice wanted for both these situations please. The plan is to get a large 1 bedroom/small 2 bed place. $2-$3k monthly preferably closer to the lower number.

We know about craigslist and realtors. Any advice on other places to look for sublets/rentals? Scams to avoid? Shady landlords/realtors? Good landlords/realtors? Things to look out for in manhattan apt hunting in general

 Also Any advice about neighborhoods on the E/F  line like Clinton/Midtown East/low-upper-east-side/Long Island City.  Links to blogs or well informed posts? All advice welcome.....

I don't need advice on neighborhoods outside that area, thanks....we're pretty familiar with NYC having lived there for 8+yrs, but any protips appreciated.
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I lived in LIC for nearly 7 years, and loved it. It's great. Very quick commute. Beautiful waterfront park. Some nice restaurants. Convenient to Brooklyn.

But, the ratio of real estate agents to residents there is practically 1:1, so unless you "know someone" it can be tricky to find a place w/o a broker. (I found a beautiful apartment for a friend, though, just by walking around the neighborhood and looking for empty apartments.)

The highrises on the waterfront might suit your needs for either/both subletting/leasing. I have friends who've lived in one of the East Coast buildings, and though in the summertime it's like a perpetual Spring Break atmosphere, it's quite nice, with a roof deck and pool/gym and pool table, etc. It's on the high end of your budget, but you can often get them to throw in a free month's rent.

Try posting on the Queens West Classifieds bulletin board, or searching the current listings. Also, the other QW forums might prove helpful. There's also this blog.

I don't want to mention in a public forum who I think you should avoid, broker/management company-wise, but feel free to memail me if you'd like.
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