Should I be tipping my dealer?
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For traveling drug dealers (specifically door-to-door marijuana delivery services in NYC), what is the etiquette for tipping? Yes? No? If yes, is there a standard accepted rate?
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If it matters, Gawker says no.
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I was under the impression that they added their commission to the price of the goods.
I say no tipping.
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The tip is an invitation in to partake. This is customarilly refused, except when choice food stuffs or a particularly entertaining tv show or movie is being watched.
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Pollomacho's got it. The tip is firing one up right away. (Customarily accepted if you're friends with your guy, though.)
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my friend tried to tip his guy once (with an extra $10 or something) and got chewed out.
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my friend tried to tip his guy once (with an extra $10 or something) and got chewed out.

Miss Manners says, "the custom of tipping... is historically un-American, as American workers at all levels of employment used to consider themselves too dignified to accept tips." I'm tickled that only drug dealers have this level of dignity anymore.
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Maybe a little something in a card for the Holidays, like for the postman? Offer them a glass of juice? Other than that, yeah, just roll one up and offer it. They almost always say no thanks (or they did back when I was in the market for delivery reefer). Most dealers think of themselves more like your accountant or lawyer than a service oriented role, in my experience.
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Guys from one service gratefully accepted $5 tips; guys from another politely wave them off. (I suspect this has to do with different compensation packages) A cold beverage to go, like a bottle of Snapple, is always welcome, particularly during summer months.
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3rd Pollomacho. For small things going to be put to use immediately an invitation to join for a few is cool. Larger things, an offer of a few prime back for the trouble is OK. No Cash, that's already been accounted for. For tiny things, nothing.
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Tipping with cash just sounds crazy - To the point I'd expect it makes you look like you're a customer who can be taken advantage of.

But, as Pollomacho said, rolling one there and then and offering second smoke would be the correct thank you (Roller gets first smoke), or a beer or something if everyone is already drinking so they aren't left out - in other words, treat them as a guest but don't over treat them. Also as a bonus if your dealer knows you're going to roll one there and then and offer them some, they are less likely to give you bunk stuff.

As an exception, if your guy is going out of his way more then usual it would be correct to offer to cover taxi fare etc. - But that's covering costs, rather then a tip.
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where can I find these numbers for such a glorious service?
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