New Orleans wedding musicians
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Can anyone recommend a small jazz or blues band (3 or fewer musicians) to play a short wedding reception in a small space in New Orleans in October?

We're getting married this October in New Orleans and planning the wedding from afar. Most of it is nailed down, but finding music has been hard -- the few leads I've gotten have been unavailable (perhaps I waited too long to do this...) or are too large and/or loud for our purposes. The wedding will be in a smallish space and the proprietor tells us that any live music will have to be relatively quiet. We'd like jazz or blues (delta-style blues is our favorite, but we're flexible), and I think anything with any horns will probably be too loud for the space.

I've seen this question -- my question is similar except for the quietness limitation. Looked into the New Orleans Jazz Vipers and I'm afraid they'll be too large for us (related question: is it rude to ask a 4-6-person band if they'd play with only a few of their members?).
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Try contacting a school out there. I'm sure they have musicians that would be interested in playing.

Thelonious Monk Institute
University of New Orleans

Hopefully that helps!
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What you're looking for is a three-piece jazz combo. Any musician worth their salt will understand environmental constraints. Agree with MyMind--post at local schools. I used to play in jazz combos and bands back in undergrad, and we were always looking for gigs like this. Also consider posting flyers in music stores (stores that sell instruments, not CDs, that is).
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I know a killer jazz/blues/funk drummer who lives there and gigs constantly. I have no doubt he could put together a great trio to satisfy your needs. MeMail me if you want me to send him your info.
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