Treme-style music?
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Loving (HBO's new show) Treme's music. Where can I sample the best of the best?

My honey's birthday is coming up and he has a new obsession with the kind of New Orleans jazzy music featured in Treme. I know nothing about this kind of music. He has been streaming the radio station featured in Treme, but I would like to get him a CD for his birthday. Which should I buy?
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I haven't seen Treme yet, but if he likes wwoz (I'm guessing that's the station that's featured in Treme... it better be) you can become a sponsor and get wwoz compilation cds.

Here's the track listing for the Treme premiere.

And if you want to support a local new orleans business you can find just about anything at the louisiana music factory.
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Look for this group. Available on Amazon and (probably) on iTunes (don't have iTunes on my work computer, so I can't check).
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but if he likes wwoz...

WZOZ publishes their playlists online. You can get some ideas there. Be sure to check out offBEAT magazine for other ideas.

Consider buying some of Kermit Ruffins' music. He's the real deal and plays himself in the show.
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Look for this group [Rebirth Brass Band]...

Kermit Ruffins was a co-founder of that group.
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Young Guns and Veteran Masters: Catching Up with the Best Local Jazz Players.

Check out this year's music schedule for Jazz Fest for other ideas.
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Kermit is on the Basins Street Records label. They are having fun with the whole Treme thing, so check out the blog for lots of info and music. I haven't actually seen the show yet, so I can't give any specific recommendations.
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HBO publishes the list of all the music played on the episode - here's EP2's tracks. If there was one group that struck you in particular at least now you know their name and that's a great start.

I think a better idea than buying your honey a CD is to buy him a plane ticket, send him down here, and let him hear it all for himself.
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This great blog details all the songs heard on the show.
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Buy that plane ticket! You know those parades? That's real!
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