Acoustic music in New Orleans?
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Suggestions for acoustic music venues in New Orleans? I'll be visiting NOLA in a couple of weeks and would appreciate some advice about likely spots to hear live music. My tastes run to acoustic Americana, a touch of twang okay, bluesy too, and I already have a basic notion of the more touristy Dixieland scene from previous visits (all of them pre-Katrina). As examples of my interests I would mention the Nawlins-based musicians Mary Gauthier and Anders Osborne (or at least his folkier side). Thanks!
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Check out Carrollton Station, usually have some good acoustic music or Americana at least one night a week. Used to go there a bunch when I lived in NOLA.
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I can't speak to the specific style requirements, but when I was in New Orleans in April, I found the most fun live music on Freeman's alley. Its a street just off the French Quarter, and much less touristy and tacky. I went there by myself on a sunday, and there were 5-6 bars at least with live music, with sets going til the early morning, so you can just hop from bar to bar.
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(Freeman's alley = Frenchmen Street)
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The Hi-Ho Lounge has a weekly Bluegrass night that's supposed to be really fun - with red beans and rice! It's not in the greatest of locations (convenience or 'hood wise) but the place has been redone in the past few years and is way less ghetto than when I used to put shows on there!
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one of the best kept secrets in town is dos jefesuptown cigar bar. never a cover, and tons of talented folks play there. (and no, it's not a big smoky room. they vent things pretty well.) neutral ground coffeehouse has music 7 nights a week. again, no cover, and very talented folks show up there. fair grinds coffee house also has some great music, but the schedule isn't as consistent as either of the previously mentioned.

find out where alex mcmurray is playing. lord! is that guy a talented singer/songwriter! jonathan freilich is another. he hangs out a lot with mcmurray, but left to his own devices he leans more toward avant jazz-y type stuff.

oh ... and lynn drury can kick your ass across town & back & you'll thank her for the experience.

regarding white devil's suggestion of carrollton station: if you can catch susan cowsill there, you life may never be the same again. and radioamy's suggestion for the hi-ho is solid, too: pat flory started that, i think, and anything mr. flory is involved in is really worth checking out.
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If you're here on a weekend (or you can listen online from wherever you like), tune in to WTUL, Tulane University's station. There are a bunch of long-running specialty shows (blues, Americana, folk) that are done by some talented DJs who really know their stuff. I'd recommend calling those guys when they are on-air and asking for their opinions as well.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody, these are all very helpful suggestions. It's so great to have people with local knowledge point me in a good direction. Yes, I will be there over the weekend, radioamy, so I will tune into the station you mention and see what happens there as well as checking out the websites of the places people have suggested.
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Response by poster: Frenchmen Street was a great suggestion, since it turns out that Anders Osborne is performing at D.B.A.'s the weekend I'll be there. So my Friday night is set! :)
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