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I've fallen in love with this rendition of "O Holy Night"[MP3] from last week's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now I want a whole Christmas album in that style - either already made or individual songs to make a mix. Any recommendations? I particularly like how the song is still totally recognizable and pleasant, despite having lots of soul to it and cool improvisations. Thanks!
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Something like this, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Yes and no...I'm only mostly interested in instrumental (no vocals) songs, especially songs driven by horns. Also, that album doesn't seem to be available for purchase, and so far none of the songs I've looked for are available on itunes.
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Maybe a little Wynton Marsalis?
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My dad's totally into brass music like this, and the Canadian Brass band is one of his favourites. From my recollection, they pull off some pretty jazzy feats. "A Holiday Tradition" is an album from them that might be what you're looking for. (Functional audio previews here.)

Try doing a search for "brass christmas" on Amazon...turns up a few results for me, but only you know what you're really looking for.
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Cha Cha Cha Brave Combo
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Oh jeez, I just found out more info about that song you're into. It's by a guy named "Trombone Shorty" (and his band) -- his website and the accompanying links are enough to make you nod your head in respect, until you get to his MySpace page...

If you can make it through the ghetto factor, visiting his friends' sites might lead you in the right direction.

Anyway, here's a couple others that might do the trick:
* The Angel City Brass
* Another Canadian Brass Christmas album
(although I'm thinking both of these might be a little too bland)
* I understand Hagood Hardy is very good, and he has a Christmas album, but I can't find audio samples.
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Second Brave Combo for just about every style of music in the world, but it's not what you're looking for exactly. I don't know what that style of New Orleans Blues is called, but I love it as well.
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Response by poster: Jaimiev - Thanks. I actually forgot that I own that album, I'll have to dig it up, though as I recall I found it a little too jazzy/bluesy at the expense of being christmasy.

Thanks for all the other recommendations, keep them coming please.
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I have not heard it but Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass has a Christmas album.
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Sorry it's a bit late in the day, but most of the Christmas charts on this page of Tom Kubis's site are live recordings and really fab.

In fact, a person more cynical than me might point out that Kubis's 'O Holy Night' (featuring the massively talented Wayne Bergeron was a suspiciously direct 'inspiration' for Shorty's S60 version...

Not quite so seasonal, but if you like that kind of big band sound, you might want to check out Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band too (the first two albums in particular), with which Wayne plays lead.
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