Help with my mix cd while not mocking our musical tastes
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Fun roadtrippy songs that mention the states of Louisiana and/or Alabama (or cities therin) prominently? Bonus: showtunes that do so!

I'm going on an Easter road trip between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama with a friend and her two children.

We would like to make a mix cd for the trip made up of upbeat, child-appropriate songs (no language, not too heavy sounding) that mention either Louisiana or Alabama OR New Orleans or Mobile prominently in their lyrics.

Being musical theatre geeks, I'd also love to include some showtunes that also fit this criteria.

MeFites, please help!
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Lots of old Randy Newman songs do, and they're fantastic. A couple that come to mind:

Dixie Flyer

"Dr. King" is a VERY cheesy song by Mason Jennings that mentions Alabama.
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There's always that Skynyrd classic, Sweet Home Alabama. More of a redneck anthem than a show tune, sorry.
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"Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty
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Well, there's always Sweet Home Alabama.

You could also include "Ol' Man River" from the musical Showboat, which is about the Mississippi river. Melvin Franklin's version is upbeat.
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"Jambalaya" Hank Williams
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"Amos Moses" by Jerry Reed
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There's that new cover of the skids song "the saints are coming" by U2 and Green Day. Kind of rockier, but still mentions New Orleans. More info here.
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"Crescent City" by Lucinda Williams.
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Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" mentions both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
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A true oldie in which both states figure prominently: Oh Susannah. Works better if you're traveling east to west.
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The City of New Orleans! OK, so it's about a train and not the actual city of New Orleans, but hey, it's awesome!
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There's always "Calling Baton Rouge" by Garth Brooks.
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Not exactly kid-friendly, and not a showtune, but Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) by The Doors.

Also, a radio station here once celebrated independence day by playing at least one song for every state. For alabama they played "Stars Fell on Alabama" by Bilie Holliday and "I May not can See" by Blind Boys of Alabama (I don't know if the song actually mentions the state or not). For Louisiana they played "Louisiana Man" by Lucinda Williams and "Goin' to Louisiana" by John Lee Hooker. I'm pretty sure I heard at least one of the Alabama ones, but I don't remember if it was any good. The station generally has good taste, IMO though, so the songs are probably decent.
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Black Water, Doobie Brothers (It mentions Mississippi but it's about the river). Kids usually love the a cappella ending.

More or less the entire BeauSoleil and Buckwheat Zydeco catalogs.

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans has been covered by many, including Harry Connick, who is a NO native.
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There was a song popular 10 or 11 years ago that mentions Lake Pontchartrain in LA, and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. I recall it being very-sing-alongable. It was a love song, if that helps, played a lot on whatever was the country station in Los Angeles at the time. Male vocalist.
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Two songs from Paul Simon's Graceland, "That Was Your Mother" (standing on a corner in Lafayette) and the title track (Mississippi delta was shining like a national guitar) would be on my list.
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new riders of the purple sage "louisiana lady"
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jvilter, are you thinking of Adalida by George Strait?
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Dave Matthews Band - Louisiana Bayou

and I would think that Born on the Bayou by CCR would qualify as a Louisiana kind of song.
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Johnny Horton's "Battle of 1814" is a silly song about the Americans fighting the British in New Orleans. Very upbeat and fun for kids (as long as you don't mind the war theme, but this one is no more warmongering than "Yankee Doodle," really).

Son Volt's Windfall is more mellow, and is actually about driving through Louisiana.

Both are favorite road trip songs for my daughter and pals.
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your call as to whether it's appropriate, but house of the rising sun is about new orleans, and i liked it as a kid.
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Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road has songs that feature that part of the country:

Lake Charles (actually East Texas, but mentions Lake Pontchartrain)

Jackson (mentions Lafayette)

The song "Where is my Love" on West mentions Birmingham.

Not show tunes, but great driving music.
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I don't remember the lyrics (and therefore how kid-friendly they are) but New Orleans makes me think of Oh Streetcar!.
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"Crescent City" by Lucinda Williams.

Also by Lucinda Williams, though some wander into east Texas... NB, these are bluesy. Clean enough for kids, but not upbeat.

Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
*"Concrete and Barbed Wire"
*"Lake Charles"

"Jackson" is also a song about a road trip, sorta.

*"Bus to Baton Rouge"

Happy Woman Blues
*"Louisiana Man"
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Pete Seeger's antiwar classic, Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
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How about not Louisiana?
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Louisiana by the Walkmen
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Thomas Dolby
I love you goodbye

I would never normally go bowling
On a friday morning in New Orleans
But I like to come here to remember
The kind of places you took me
Like the time we stole a Datsun
And drove all night to the everglades
Until we crashed it in a big electric storm
And stood there listening to the bayou rain

The county sheriff had a hair - lip
Louisiana's pride and joy
He said politley as he cuffed me
"I never busted an English boy ...
But I will accept a contribution
To the Opelousas' Charity Ball
But you better drive this dirty Datsun
Into the Gulf of Mexico"

Under a Cajun moon I lay me open
There is a spirit here that won't be broken
Some words are sad to sing
Some leave me tongue-tied
(But the hardest thing to tell you )
But the hardest words I know
Are I love you goodbye
I love you goodbye

Typhoon Pierre delayed my plane till morning
(Jusqu'au matin)
Let the bontemps rouler from your accordion
Under a cajun moon I lay me open
(Y a un esprit partout)
There is a spirit here that won't be broken
(Simple words are sad to sing
Some words are sad to sing
(They leave me tongue-tied)
Some leave you tongue-tied
(But the hardest thing to tell you my friend)
But the hardest words I know
(Is I love you goodbye)
Are I love you goodbye
(Je t'aime, au revoir)
I love you goodbye
(Je t'aime, toujours)
I love you, goodbye
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I think jvilter is talking about New Orleans Ladies by LeRoux

The Chili Peppers mention Louisiana in Dani California
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"She's My Man" by the Scissor Sisters.
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Alabama Getaway - Grateful Dead
Promised Land - Chuck Berry
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Battle of New Orleans
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Maybe a good version of Let the Good Times Roll on there? It's not explictly about New Orleans, but it is in keeping with the general theme. I love the one by Delbert McClinton. It's very upbeat and fun to sing along to.

Anders Osborne has several really great songs about Louisiana. I personally love Ash Wednesday Blues, but it isn't upbeat. Louisiana Rain should fill the bill, though.

Alabamy Bound - Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber or other version
Louisiana Road Song - Tish Hinojosa
Down at the Twist & Shout - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight - The Oak Ridge Boys
Louisiana Saturday Night - Mel McDaniel or other version
Evangeline - The Band
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"Jambalaya" - Jellyfish Kiss
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My absolute favorite song about Louisiana is Louisiana 1927, sung by Aaron Neville. It was played a lot after Hurricane Katrina and it is so moving and beautiful. You can hear it on YouTube here.
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Don't forget the official state song (written by Jimmie Davis, the singing Governor of Louisiana): "You Are My Sunshine."
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I can't believe (unless I missed it) that nobody's mentioned Dr. John in connection with New Orleans. My favorites from his Goin' Back to New Orleans album (1992): "My Indian Red" and "Goin' Back to New Orleans," (which also features the Neville Bros.). Both songs are upbeat and fun. On a more mellow note, Dr. John's version of "Basin Street Blues," is a beautiful, bluesy (and now somewhat poignant) tribute to the city.

Sorry none of these are show tunes, but other people already mentioned the ones I could think of :)
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Paul Simon's "That was your mother" on Graceland; it's a great roadtrip song too.
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Oh, I totally forgot one of my favorites -- Fats Domino's Walking to New Orleans.
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Where I'm From - Shelby Lynne
A beautiful song, with bonus patois/cajun lyrics
Heaven knows this ain't no Margaret Mitchell
where the oak trees meet the pines
I know it might sound kinda simple
oh but it's mine oh it's mine

Thought I heard a logman cuttin' timber
down the Mississippi line
I'm up the old Tombigbee river
high as the pines, all the time

Elegamment les batos passant
ben on la flota vec du van
all I'm trying to say is I'm
never far away from an
Alabama frame of mind

Jubilation risin' on the bayou
celebration in the wind
Father Pat gives benediction
cross the Coden bridge again

Crickets spreadin' rumors by the shoreline
with the lonesome lady whine
crab trap full of nothin
I'm high as the tide, all the time

Elegamment les batos passant
ben on la flota vec du van
all I'm trying to say is I'm
never far away from an
Alabama frame of mind
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There's "Seven Bridges Road" as recorded by the Eagles It's about a road in Montgomery, but I'm not sure it's going to fit the mood you're seeking.

Same goes for "Hurricane" by Leon Everette, though I always liked it when I was a kid. (Of course, at that age, one of my favorites on long car trips was Roy Clark's rendition of the dueling banjos from "Deliverance," so...)

"Dixieland Delight" by the group Alabama.

""Kaw-liga"" by Hank Williams (Jr. or Sr.; I believe both have recorded it). The name "Kaw-Liga" comes from "Kowaliga," the name of a Creek in Alabama. Plus, the song and the story it tells are very much associated with the state.
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It's kind of a stretch, but "Blues In the Night," the Johnny Mercer song (which I know Judy Garland did, so it's practically a showtune and clearly childsafe), definitely mentions Mobile.
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"Sweet Chalmette" - Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes
"Louisiana Saturday Night" has been covered by lotsa folks
"Angel from Montgomery" - John Prine
"Calling Baton Rouge" has been covered by people other than Garth Brooks if you don't like that version
"Lakes of Ponchartrain" - Be Good Tanyas
"Dorraine of Ponchartrain" - Johnny Cash
"Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again" - Bob Dylan
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All of the "Southern Rock Opera" by the Drive By Truckers, or if you have to pick, how about "The three great alabama icons" or Birmingham
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Katemonster, Adalida it is! (runs off to itunes)
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