Help me come up with the youtube kpop playlist to end all youtube kpop playlists
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Help me come up with the youtube kpop playlist to end all youtube kpop playlists

I want a playlist so good, you practically get spiky hair just listening to it. Ideally, upbeat songs. Post anything upbeat that you enjoy.
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Dalshabet. Mr. Bang Bang
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SNSD. Ha ha ha for tooth-hurting sugary pop. Slightly less sugary but still peppy? Hoot
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Wonder Girls Nobody But You
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Argh link didn't work Nobody But You
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A friend of mine was just telling me that his tween sons have basically just been watching Gangnam Style by PSY on repeat for the last week. I guess it's the second most popular music video on YouTube right now - not K-pop videos but just like of all music videos in general. Definitely upbeat, peppy and intensely K-pop.
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Response by poster: Gangnam Style owns. I am doing the dance right now.
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Bbiribbom Bberibbom!
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2NE1 I Am the Best
Kara Step
Younha Run

From the indie end of k-pop:
Handsome People Crazy
Cassette Schwarzenegger Play
Mongoose Cosmic Dancer

And not quite k-pop but Korean stuff I've been listening to a lot lately:
Idiotape Even Floor
Glen Check French Virgin Party + Battaille!
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Jo Kwon's Animal

SHINee's Sherlock (Clue + Note)

Big Bang's Fantastic Baby (#boomshakalaka)

2PM's Hands Up

aaand I should probably stop there.
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Reddit's kpop subreddit will be of assistance. Similar questions have been asked there in the past, and videos and songs are posted there all the time.
You could:
- try posting a new thread,
- searching the subreddit for similar questions in the past
- looking at the individual videos that have been posted (try sorting by "Top" in the past week, year, all-time, etc.)
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Response by poster: koucha: you absolutely shouldn't stop there :)

These recommendations are great. 1000 more would not be unwelcome. Thank you all so much!!
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PSY Right Now
Younha Telepathy
Teen Top Be Ma Girl
Super Junior SPY
Beast Beautiful Night
TVXQ Balloons (I offer no explanation for the video)
Orange Caramel Funny Hunny
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Hyuna, the woman on the subway car that starts dancing in the PSY Gangnam Style video, has Bubble Pop which is super catchy.

There's also a remix of Gangham style featuring vocals from her called Oppa is Just My Style.
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Miss A Breathe
After School Bang
4Minute I My Me Mine

Clazziquai Project Love Again
W&Whale Break It Down
Jo Kwon & Whale Dunk Shot
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Here is a list that my k pop loving friend put together for you-
H.O.T - Candy
H.O.T - Happiness
R.eF - Neverending story
UP - Puyo Puyo
UP- Bada (Sea)
Seotaiji and Boyz - Hyaega *this is beyond classic k-pop beginnings
Roo' Ra - 날개잃은 천사(1995)
Roo'ra - 3?4!
Kim Gun Mo- Wrongful meeting
Kim Gun mo- SPEED
Park Ji yooon- Sung In shik
Bijou - love love
Park Jin Young - Honey
Park Jin Young - Don't Leave me
SES - Just a feeling
SNSD - Gee
DJ DOC - Run To you
Dj DOC - Dance with DOC
DJ DOC - Summer Story
Park Mi Kyung Eve's Warning
Clon - Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
Jinusean- how deep is your love
Jinusean - Mal hae jo
Space A - Maturity
Finkl - Jajohnshim
WAX - Oppa
K:ul (Cool) - Destiny
Sharp - Sweety
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