calling all HR/recruiters...resume update?
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I've recently (yesterday) been promoted to a new position at work. I have been actively applying for jobs for some time now. As I continue my search, should I alter and update my resume to reflect the new impressive job title? Or will the recentness of the promotion look odd to recruiters and HR?

The title is a much better one than my previous, but the pay is the same and the extra content is not in line with what I want to do. Also, it's really just a title change as no one will be replacing me. I had made up my mind to explore other jobs a while ago, and while the promotion is not unwelcome, I worry that recruiters or HR will balk when they see that I've only been in the position for XX days, etc. Do I update my resume and use the more impressive title, or continue on as I've been and make the change further down the road once I've become more established in that roll? The new title is not so out of line with what I want to do, and using it will not necessarily hurt my chances to continue on in that field. Think, "widget manager" to "widget director" who oversees duties of widget manager, except that there's no widget manager as I will still be handling those duties.
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There is no reason to put the exact date of a position on your resume. You really don't even need the month.
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Update it. It also shows you performed well enough to be promoted, even if you were only promoted yesterday.
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What Ad hominem said. That they considered you capable of being Widget Director is positive information.

What I wouldn't do, is add another employment history line for it. I'd just change the title in your current job to Widget Director from Widget Manager. Obviously, your accomplishments listed under that heading are going to be more Widget Manager type things. If they call you on that, then you explain that you were just promoted, and you expect that your accomplishments will not take long to catch up to the title.
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I always do what ctmf suggests, which is to put the latest title I've held in any single position. Otherwise, my resume would be too long and repetitive.
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I've never looked at a title and thought "Oh, they just got promoted last month. REJECTED." One way to look at it is that all the work you've previously done is what earned you that title. It's already yours, and you should be proud of it.
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I would absolutely add it, however I'm not sure that I'd not include previous titles, especially if they come with different responsibilities. From my experience (from both sides of the hiring process) employers are looking to see some commitment in terms of length of service with the organizations on your resume, but they're also looking to see steady personal development in terms of the roles and responsibility over your tenure. I don't know your industry or how long you've been with your current employer but in mine a resume that showed no movement for 4-5yrs would be a red flag. For that reason I'd include any relevant previous titles...but maybe not provide the same level of detail as for the current.

Congratulations on the promotion and good luck.
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Just replace the title! No need to change dates or add a new line. Your current status with the company is as X and you've been doing Y for as long as you've been with the company. Unless there's a disconnect between the two (X title clearly different than Y job), I see no problem with it.
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Use the new title. You earned it. Besides, mo' title = mo' money when you're in the negotiating phase for your new gig.
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nthing put the new title down as your title. I wouldn't bother listing old titles or dates, just what you did and do.
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