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Will someone please explain to me, assuming I am a stupid 5-year old child, how to get off Facebook. "Settings" is useless. Maybe there is a trick I don't know? Thank you.
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What exactly do you mean by "get off" - log out or delete your profile?

There is a log out option in the drop windown in the upper right corner.

To delete your profile, here are instructions.
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Do you mean log out or delete/deactivate your account?

To deactivate/delete your account, the instructions are here.

To log out, click on the arrow next to the "Home" button at the top of the page and choose "Log out."
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Thanks so much! You guys are great. And I die, indeed, mean to deactivate. Sorry I was not clear. Cheers!
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for god's sake
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PS. if you want to delete your account, dont try and log in after whatever amount of days they say it will be deleted. They told me 21 days I waited about 23 days and it saved my account. I then deleted it and waited a couple months and it was really gone....
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