TV and BluRay 2.1 System ?
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New TV + BluRay 2.1 system to improve and simplify


I recently got rid of my receiver+5.1 system because of lack of space and preference for a less cluttered/wired environment.

I am looking at buying a modern TV (42", full HD, 3d passive preferred, capable of playing divx, mkv etc over a network) and to install a Blu Ray 2.1 system (if with wireless subwoofer even better).

What I want

- Tv and system of the same brand (to have less remotes and similar interface)

- HDMI ARC (I want to run only one HDMI cable between TV and receiver

- a lot of HDMI ports

I now use a WD TV live to stream my content from the computer, I'd gladly do without it if the in-built player in the tv can stream all media formats

Do you have any brand/models you recommend or recommend to avoid? MY main issue with audio on the TV is that in movies, dialogue is always thin compared to the soundtrack. I know a 5.1 would help me solve this, but I really only want a 2.1 system.

Brands I am undecided are Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips and Sony

thank you for your suggestions
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Best answer: All dialogue is output from the center channel. Get a surround system and just don't hook up the rear speakers.
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