I need a replacement for iGoogle
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Can you help me find a replacement for iGoogle? I'd like a minimalist fast loading homepage with customizable news feeds.

I just got a message from Google that they're discontinuing iGoogle next year. Granted, that's a long time from now, but still, I should look for a new homepage. What's the best alternative? (I noticed there's an old question like this from a few years ago, but I actually posted in there recommending iGoogle. D'oh!)

If it matters, I use Safari 99% of the time on a Mac.
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Netvibes.... been looking the past few days for my wife. netvibes.com is one of the best and is being actively developed.



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I've been using Netvibes for a long time. It's good, but I do have some custom CSS bits to delete space-taking elements and they do try to push some more social-y features that I don't use. I generally recommend it, though.
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I was using iGoogle and am disappointed in it being phased out as well. I mostly had RSS feeds on it, so I just moved those to google reader.
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I use voracious for this - it's a Python script that runs locally, so there's no worries about anyone changing/discontinuing the service, and if you know a little bit of HTML/CSS it's easy to customise.
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Response by poster: jack_mo, you just made me feel silly! It never occurred to me to roll my own even though that wouldn't be so hard to do. What I want is actually simple: a couple of rss feeds and a search bar. HTML and css? No biggie. Thanks for the tip!
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No probs. If you just want a couple of feeds, voracious might be overkill - a static page with a form to search Google and, e.g., this jQuery Google Feed Plugin would do the trick.
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