Online Days Since counter for many recurring tasks?
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Before iGoogle disappears, I need to replace my 'Days Since' counter widget. Can you help me find one?

For my work, I have a number of recurring tasks that I need to check on every so often (approximately once a week, approximately once a month, et cetera).

The perfect solution to this has been the Days Since widget on my iGoogle. It let me quickly and easily add/update/delete tasks, tracked the average length of time between each reset, and it even auto-sorted them by priority (how 'late' they were according to the average).

Of course, iGoogle will be gone before the end of the year, so I need to find a new solution. It's easy to find replacements for all my other widgets, but this one has been trickier. I do also use Calendar reminders, but this widget has been ideal for my workflow - being able to just click and tick something off my list for the day, or to look and see that I haven't done job X in Y days and that I should find some time for it.

I need something for my computer, not a phone or tablet app, and ideally something online rather than software, because it's a hassle to install programs on my work PC and I sometimes work from home.

Even better if it can plug into an online homepage/dashboard service - I've checked NetVibes and Protopage, and neither of them had a suitable widget that I could find.
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Best answer: I'm not very familiar with Google's gadgets, but the author of the Days Since gadget has a blog post on how to use gadgets outside of iGoogle. It specifically deals with the Days Since gadget. Perhaps that could work? I don't know if iGoogle shutting down will impact the code in the gadget... might be worth trying.
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Best answer: I switched to igHome a couple weeks ago, and they have the same gadget:
Days Since
How many days ago did you last water the plants? Service the car? Give those grubby kids a bath? Or perhaps had a drink? Use this as a type of time management tool, reminder, or counter.

It has all the gadgets I had on my iGoogle, too.
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Response by poster: Thank you both! I hadn't even considered the fact that the very same gadget would be available in other places. Much better than having to find a new one!
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