How to make Google (or iGoogle) my default home page?
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How can I make my iGoogle page come up when I open a new tab on Google Chrome?

This is on a Mac. I have my home page set to (which leads to iGoogle automatically), and I have it set to open the home page upon opening a new tab. Instead, it opens the most visited sites page, which is another option where I check the "open home page button", and an option I did/do not select. How can I make this work right, and why isn't it?
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Using proper Chrome, it is not possible. The "new tab page" is what will come up when you open a new tab. This is working the way google intended it to.

However, you can install an extension to change this. Here is an example. You might search for "new tab redirect" if you want another option.
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Here's an extension for Chrome that is supposed to do exactly what you want. I have not tried it.
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