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Can anyone recommend a great Excel course?

I need to greatly improve my very basic Excel skills before I start a MBA program, is there a good and concise course available in NYC area? something not too expensive (below $250). I prefer a classroom course but any good online courses may work as well.
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For the basics, you could start with the learning resources on Microsoft's website here. You move at your own pace, and its free.

Traditionally, when I've had software to learn -- and this includes Excel ages ago -- I've tended to experiment with the software with backup from product manuals or detailed guides from publishers like Que. (A similar guide for Excel 2010 is this one.)

For software for which I don't have a need for an expert's level of understanding (like, say, Word), I've used the training materials on Microsoft's site to great effect.
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I Had a good experience with New Horizons. The class was one day, in a classroom, really great. Im mostly self taught and I got good, solid skills.
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