Mental Health Clinicians in NoVA/DC
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Recommendations for mental health clinicians in Northern Virginia or DC. Particular experience with "Pure Obsessional" OCD and anxiety disorders would be ideal. My health insurance is through CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

I'm male, 23 years old, and looking for suggestions of both psychiatrists and talk therapists.

Some background that may help in suggesting someone with relevant experience:

When I was very young (age 7?) I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (Predominantly Inattentive). I was on stimulant medication for a few years, but stopped due to side effects. I was briefly put on anti-anxiety medication, but don't remember why or for how long. I find it a lot easier to focus these days, so that isn't much of an issue.

In college I saw a psychiatrist at a walk-in clinic who said I showed symptoms of "Pure Obsessional" OCD. I never followed up, so no formal diagnosis was made, no treatment occurred.

I'm moody, going through what feel like extreme highs and lows in the course of a day, but I'm not sure it rises to the level of pathology. I wonder though.

What I'm most immediately worried about: Some friends I've been really close to at times tell me I've changed. For last few months they've been increasingly uncomfortable around me because of my apparent anxiety. They complain that my contact with them is erratic, and I come across as having lost interest in them as them as people. I haven't at all, and I'm really upset that I'm driving them away despite myself. Throwaway address:
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Email sent.
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Emailing you an idea at your throw-away address!
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Of all the therapists I saw while growing up in NoVA, Alan McFarland was by far my favorite. He's really insightful and compassionate. His office is in Annandale. Best of luck to you.
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