Alternatives to Eventbrite.
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Alternatives to Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is excellent for finding left field events and the like but I know that not all event organisers will be using just this one website for ticketing.

I was just wondering what other similar websites are available.
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I've seen a couple of places around me use Brown Paper Tickets before. Can't vouch for them, but they seem alright.
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I sold two day-long conferences with EventBrite and switched to BrownPaperTickets this year to save some money. So far so good. The interface is rougher and doesn't have quite as many options, but it's serving our purposes pretty well. Customer support is good, too, from what I've experienced. EventBrite is a fantastic service with a ton of flexibility, but BPT is doing the job as well for about 30% cheaper.
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