Therapist Recommendation in Somerville or Cambridge
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Could you recommend a therapist in the Somerville/Cambridge area who takes Cigna?

I have a wonderful therapist who has done a lot of great work for and with me. However, she's both out of network, and out of state since I moved last year. I'd like to find someone who I can see in person and who takes my insurance (Cigna). I would prefer female.

My main issues are anxiety and depression, with a little bit of OCD thrown in there. What I like about my current therapist is that she's very direct, answers me back and does not just sit there letting me talk. She's not exactly warm and fuzzy and I think that actually helps me feel more comfortable.

I'm sorry to basically re-ask an old question, but all of the answers on the previous one were sent privately.

If anyone also has recommendations for a psychiatrist, that would also be appreciated.
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Best answer: No worries re-asking the same question; I've seen variations on it a few times over the years. We like our therapy here in Camberville.

I saw a therapist at the Women's Mental Health Collective and really, really liked her. Memail me if you want the name of the person I worked with (this goes for anyone else reading this question, too), but as far as I can tell everyone there is quite good. No idea if they take Cigna, though they took my insurance.
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Best answer: I highly recommend this service for finding you a therapist in MA. You can provide them will all the details you offered here and then give you numbers for multiple matching therapists (it's up to you to reach out to each therapist and schedule initial visits). When you call you leave a message and then someone calls you back within a fairly short amount of time.
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The Women's Mental Health Collective does not take Cigna (at least as of last month). I can't give you a recommendation myself, OP, but I do know that... hope you find someone through the service!
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