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Can you recommend a good pilates video?

I walk for an hour every day and this has been a great thing for my health, but now I would like to begin stretching and strengthening my muscles. Can you recommend a great pilates video I could use at home, that would be a good compliment to this regimin? Thanks!
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I've long been a fan of Pick Your Spot Pilates, which works in 10-minute bursts so you can do as little or as much as you have time for. It's also on Netflix instant, so if you've got an account you could give it a shot right now!
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Have you done Pilates in a gym or with a trainer? I would not recommend doing it at home without taking a class first because the movements are very specific and it is important to do them correctly to get the full benefit (and not get injured). Once you've taken a class and had someone show you how to do the movements correctly and are sure you have proper form, then
Discovering Pilates is a good beginner workout.
(I'm a former ballet student who did pilates as part of a dance regimen).
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I really like Ana Caban's series on Gaiam. It's a great workout, but beware: it will kick your butt (in an awesome way).
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Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates by Denise Austin, it has 3 fifteen minute workouts for abs, arms and thighs. I picked up my DVD at Wal-Mart.
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Seconding LittleMy's rec that you should do Pilates in a gym, in a class, or with a trainer, before you switch to using videos.
Even with a really clear, smart video, it's best to get some feedback early on, as you train your body with how the movements are supposed to feel in good alignment.

Once you have put that time in though, I rather like Crunch's Pilates and yoga series. Not too chirpy, just the right amount of challenge.

Class first, then try DVDs.
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I liked this one (CD not DVD) - Portable Pilates. Nthing going to a class and finding a video, etc that has a similar routine (or just asking your instructor for recommendations).
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