How to find a Chicago-area psychiatrist?
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I'm looking for a respected, progressive psychiatrist in Chicagoland and am having a hard time finding a database of rankings or respected professionals. Any suggestions?

I've used both Castle Connelly and Yelp. Is there any publication or other resource that I'm missing?

See, I'm trying to transition from my current shrink -- who doesn't think he can help me but who has taken a very conservative approach with medication -- to someone who's highly regarded in the field (anxiety/mood disorders) and is aggressive and innovative with treatment. I'm in my early 20s but I've had these problems for years.

I know word-of-mouth is generally how this information is disseminated, but that's how I ended up with the doc I've got now (in fact, he came on recommendation of my therapist who also takes a skeptical approach to medicine).

So, aside from asking friends or using the aforementioned publication and website, where should I look?
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Response by poster: ...and by Castle Connelly I mean Castle Connolly.
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Check out who at the University of Chicago has published most on the issues that most interest you. Contact them and if they aren't seeing people, ask for a recommendation. At least you are most likely to get evidence-based but innovative care from an academic.
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This AskMeFi question of mine turned up an answer from user maudlin , which linked to this Psychology Today site. Not exactly reviews or rankings, but a very detailed list explaining each one's preferred method of practice and areas of extpertise, along with blurbs from each individual and pricing info, etc.
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It's a few months late, but I'll piggyback: has anyone (either the OP or others) found someone they liked?
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