No, I Don't Want to Change My Default VSS 2005 Database
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In Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005, on the "Open SourceSafe Database" dialog, is there any way to have the "Open this database next time I run Visual SourceSafe" checkbox unchecked as the default?

I use Visual SourceSafe 2005 on Windows XP here at work, and have about twenty different databases that I connect to with it. About 50% of the time, I want to connect to one particular database, so I have set that one to be my default when opening up the program. The other 50% of the time is split out randomly amongst the other nineteen databases.

Here's the annoyance: the Open dialog in VSS contains a checkbox that asks if I'd like the database I'm opening become my new default. This checkbox is checked by default, meaning that every single time I close and reopen VSS and try open up a new database, I have to uncheck this box so I don't change my default. It's a minor thing for sure, but when I'm doing this 10-15 times daily, it snowballs into a genuine bother.

So I ask: is there any way to have this checkbox be unchecked by default?
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