Help with naming personal shopping business.
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Asking for a redheaded friend in Birmingham, AL: Please help name my personal shopping/errands business!

I'm starting a personal shopping/errands/helper business in Birmingham, Alabama. The services I'm planning to offer include things like:

Pick-up/Drop off Dry Cleaning
Post Office/Bank/Pharmacy Errands
Grocery Shopping/Stock Refrigerator
Car Maintenance/Detailing Appointments (oil change, pick-up/drop-off for repairs)
Home Maintenance Waiting Appointments (plumber, cable, a/c repair, yard)
House Sitting (check on house, mail, water flowers)
Senior/Shut-In Assistance (meal delivery, grocery shopping, schedule Drs. Appt., etc...)
Shop for/Wrap Gifts (birthday, anniversary, special occasion, etc…)
Coordinate Special Evening (flowers, dinner, limo, and symphony)

So now I'm trying to come up with a name. My current frontrunners include the names below, but I'm open to additional suggestions. (Many of these have "red" in them because I'm a redhead.)

Red Star Personal Assistants
Red Star Personal Helper
Red Robin Personal Assistants
Taking Care of Business
TimeSaver Solutions
Extra Hands

Do you have another idea for a name? Please let me know! Thanks, AskMe.
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Knights Errand
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In A Flash
To-Do: Done!
Saves The Day
Personal Hero
I Got This
Extra Hours
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Everyday Help (An Extraordinary Errand Service)
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Red Star makes me think you're a communist. I don't mind communists, but others might. I like Taking Care of Business--it needs to be something non-cutesy, that directly conveys what you're doing. Other ideas:

Lend a Hand
Errand Runners
Your Personal Assistant
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Vestavia Valet
Homewood Home Helper
Birmingham Backup
Cahaba Heights Confidant
Southside Shopper
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Everyday PA
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Red-ily Done
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Consider It Done
Considerately Done
Getting Things Done (will only be recognizable to some people)
Life Manager
Busy like a bee (could tie in a reference to a "honey do" list but this isn't exactly the same)
Play on "second set of hands" which is often what people say they need!
Tasks With a Smile
The GoGo Girl
Task Team
Task Goddess
Task Warrior
Your Birmingham Bumblebee
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[Edited the question slightly per OP request...]
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Redheaded Friend

If you do go with Taking Care of Business, be aware of the Elvis connection.

I've got 3 TV commercials already planned!
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Since she's in Alabama

Git it done

or influenced by "Type for You" from "As Time Goes By" (British sitcom) .

Help for you

I'd be cautious with the phrase personal assistant. To me it sounds like you'd need to be a high earning business person. I think you'd draw a wider audience with the word help or helper. The seniors who've had to give up driving could be a very strong customer base. I'd flyer the senior apartments so she could combine errands for more than one client.
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Cardinal Services.
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Hands to Work
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Thanks, all, for your contributions! My friend still hasn't settled on a final name, but she found people's guidance very helpful and thinks she might use "cardinal" in it somehow.
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