What should I name my barber/indian head massage/henna tattoo business?
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My friend wants a name for her new business that includes barbering, Indian head massage and henna tattooing. She liked the names "Barber on a Bike" and "The Tonsorial Artist" but these are both taken. Any further suggestions? We are in the UK.
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Hands-Down Heads-Up
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Mastak Arts, or Studio Mastak? Mastak = head in Hindi.*

*I don't speak Hindi, I just found this word via computer translation. Your friend may want to run this by a Hindi speaking person to make sure it doesn't have unintended meanings or otherwise sound silly.
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Phrenologyor a phonetic pun FreeKnowledgy with some of the graphics.
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Just my two cents that, even if you can find an unused combination, the word "tonsorial" should be avoided. I think a lot of people don't know what it means, and it tends to bring to mind things like dentistry, barber-shop quartets, or a hipster hair place with attendants dressed like old-timey riverboat-casino card dealers.
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Best answer: The Biking Barber
The Be-spoked Barber
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