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Roadblocked on names for my bakery endeavor. Do you like cookies, and naming things that aren't pets? Come on in.

I want a name that suggests modern, clean execution and quality. Nothing too flowery. Nothing that suggests elaborate wedding cakes or intense decorating. I make things like cupcakes, cookies, and bars. I feel like I strike a nice divide between Smitten Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated/Test Kitchen vibe. Pretty things, delicious things, well-executed things.

I would like to incorporate the idea that I make uncompromisingly rich items - lots of butter, luxurious indulgence. Nothing healthy here. Could also play with the idea that I am very exacting in my methods - every batch should be identical in deliciousness and appearance.

I can get on board with some wordplay, but don't want to veer into silly territory.

Some names I do like that are already taken: Butter Lane, Confectionate, The Vanilla Bean. I like the sound/feel of 'The Spanked Mint' but that would imply I use a lot of mint, or make cocktail-inspired baked goods, which I do not. I am considering 'Butter Perfection' (perfectionism/exactness, butter-heavy) but I don't know if the wordplay on 'utter perfection' gets lost or if it's any good on its own. I definitely also like the format 'The (adjective)(noun).

Help? There may be a box of goodies sent to any name I glom on to!
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I absolutely love "Butter Perfection" and got the utter/butter thing instantly.
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I didn't get it but I still loved it and now I love it even more.
Your cookies, I want them.
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I do wish Pretty Little Indulgences wasn't taken.

Butter Craft Bakery?
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I would not have gotten the butter/utter wordplay. How about "Confection Perfection"?
posted by Rock Steady at 8:55 AM on April 22, 2015

Butter Knows Best
posted by Mizu at 8:57 AM on April 22, 2015

'Butter' on its own suggests modern, clean and quality to me.
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Butter Perfection is great even if you don't get it. I don't know how you're going to do better than that.
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Delectable Treats? Delectable Things? Delectables Kitchen? You see where I'm going with this....
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Butter Perfection is awesome and you should feel awesome.
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Roadblock Bakery
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Crumb & Crust
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N'thing Butter Perfection! I got the pun right away, but even if I hadn't, the name still sounds great. (Can I have the cookies anyway? :D )
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Butterly Divine
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Modern Quality Bakery // pretend you're answering the phone when you say it.
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Crème de la Crème
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How about a slight variation to emphasize the wordplay?

Butterly Perfect
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I like just "butter" but I also like when places are easy to google. Is there an address yet? I like when places have a simple reference to location like "Butter on Park" or the street number like..."Butter 23".
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I like "Definitely Butter" or "Defiantly Butter".
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Butter Perfection is cute. Cute as in cutesy. To me it doesn't suggest "modern, clean execution and quality" or high end. Basically just substituting 'butter' for 'utter' is corny, at least in my opinion. Please throw cake and cookies at me if you don't agree. I can take it.

I love beccaj's suggestions. 'Butter on Park' or 'Butter street number'. Nice. Butter itself suggests indulgence and richness and good mouth feel and not skimping on anything. It's a really good word.
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Actually, I love the idea of a one word name. Nthing just Butter. Or Spice / Cinnamon / Ginger / Saffron / Crumb.
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I also think that Butter Perfection is great, even aside from any word play. Butter is wonderful!
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Great point about Googleability, beccaj.

I'm thinking adding the city name, like Butter San Francisco. For the logo, I like 'butter' in a lower case cursive, and underneath it the city name in all uppercase in a clean sans-serif, like the examples I linked to above.
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Buttered Up
The Golden Churn
posted by jamjam at 9:50 AM on April 22, 2015

Butter Luxe or Luxe Butter
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Piling on the "Butter Perfection" bandwagon.
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Fat and Flour
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Butter Confection
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Beurre Essentials
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Butter and Gay. You'll get lots of wedding business! Plus, it scans nicely.
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Yes, just "Butter" -- very classy.
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OK, my first suggestion was terrible. I see that now.

I want to encourage you to find a non-butter name, though. Butter is the means, but not the end. I don't go to a bakery for butter (and I love both bakeries and butter). I go for something dependably delicious, more complicated than I'd make at home, fresher and better than I could find in the grocery store, attractive enough to give as a gift or bring to a party, and possibly slightly novel. I don't want something _just_ because other people think it's "bad". I want something made with a recognition that an exquisitely pleasurable product often requires the use of butter and sugar. So, here are some ideas:

Justified Bakery

Just Enough Bakery

Precisely Enough Bakery
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I really like Crumb & Crust but it might make people think of bread instead.

As amtho mentions, you might want to consider not using butter in the name. A lot of people don't actually want to know/think about how much butter goes in their sweets.
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Dirty Butter
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I have now said the word "butter" so many times in my head that it has lost all meaning and just sounds ridiculous - but I wanted to add my vote for Butter Perfection. I like it!
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the Caramel Bar
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How about The Buttery? To get across your modern, clean vibe: how about The Delectable Oven (Or, consider a phrase like that, translated into another language, like Au Bon Pain). Good luck!
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Butter & Spice
Brown Butter
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Thanks everyone for the input :)

I did decide to go with Butter Perfection. I appreciate both the support for and the critique on that name, and I think I'll run with it for now. I'll put up a MeFi-only discount code once I get things up and running!
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