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I use del.icio.us a LOT. I have over 500 links. I want to do some editing of all of my links. There are several links I'd like to delete, and it seems the only way I can do that is to open each one individuall, which is incredibly time consuming. Oftentimes, I want to add the same tag to several links in a certain category. In general, there are just several occasions where it would be very helpful to have some way to edit many links at once. Does anyone know of any utilies that make this easier (software, extensions, online sites that speed up the process, etc.)?
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I don't have the answer, but Joshua got back to me within a day when I sent him a pony request. Batch editing sounds like a good idea to me.
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There's this firefox extension - I had it but deleted it because it seemed a bit funny - but they say that it's updated for the newer version of ff. I'll stick it back in now actually.
It puts a delete field on the front page next to every entry. It's not a bulk solution but it's one less click (and thus refresh) per item to delete.
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Yeah, that works fine with ff version 1.0.4
It comes from this ff-delicious extension page.
And this is the main extension site.
You didn't say, so I've assumed you've got ffox?
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This was recently discussed on the delicious users list.

These URLs were mentioned. Python is required.


Basically though, the folks who run delicious are planning this functionality, but there is no specific date set.
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Oh, how I miss blink.com. They had the online linking business down. They were way before their time however. Oh well.

I guess what the above are saying is that nothing yet exists short of a completely makeover of my online experience.
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I'm already using Greasemonkey scripts, so I'll definitely install the user script. I love TagSense and I'm looking into Delicious Director, but they seem more designed for easily usability, not editing.
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