Synchronizing FeedDemon and NetNewsWire?
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How do I easily keep my feed subscriptions the same bewteen FeedDemon on Windows and NetNewsWire on Mac OS X?

Right now, I export my FeedDemon subscriptions to OPML and then import them into NetNewsWire, which works fine, but I wonder if there's a better way, even if it's just doing a bit more with the OPML export (like putting it on a web server both readers can fetch it from) or something else. Extra points if there's a way to keep individual posts between feeds in both readers synchronized, but I don't suspect there's a simple way to do that.
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If they both support exporting and importing OPML you should be set. Having used neither I don't know if they do but most decent RSS readers do support it.
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Oops sorry missed that OPML part in your question. Ignore my answer above.
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This is quite difficult using the software you've described, as neither one 'knows' about the other and what it's read.

Your options are to find/write an RSS proxy (I guess) that both readers use, that centrally can keep track of what you have and haven't read.
I'm not aware of any such software, but...

...the best answer is Bloglines ( Its a web-based reader, meaning you have to drop FD and NNW. Having said that, it works from anywhere, keeps track of everything, and is free.
Try it.
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Both FeedDemon and NetNewsWire include some synchronization with Bloglines (that is, you can provide them with your account details, and they'll be able to pull down your Bloglines-hosted feeds and each feed's status), and I thought about using it to keep the two in sync, but I lose out on some of the feed organization (i.e. creating groups or folders with certain feeds in them) features I get with both. This is also one of the things that I lose with OPML export.
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