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Help me stock my house for 24-hr sex-a-thon.

After a number of very hot and fun dates (where sex was consciously avoided) my new romantic partner and I have settled on date in the near future to spend a whole day on a sexual adventure. We'll be starting out w an early dinner and then retiring to my place. We're both kinky lesbians excited for the rollercoaster of the day. Help me stock the house with supplies that will enhance our fun. I'm thinking everything from basic practicalities like food and drink (gatorade? Red bull?) to haptic toys (feathers, ice). Music suggestions. Fun erotic activities. Lay it on me!
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Get a variety of energy drinks. Different flavours, types (mental like Red bull, physical like Lucozade), etc.

Lots of cloths, wet and dry.

Condoms. Depending on what you get up to with your toys, being able to quickly change from one partner or orifice to another might come in handy.

Take the phone off the hook.

What is the weather going to be doing? If it's hot, are you OK with having the windows open?
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Get some pr0n/taters. Some people like the Crash Pad series (I'd link it, but I'm at work) but yer mileage may vary. Actually, maybe you should acquire a video camera so you can record these beautiful memories you're making together. You might not be "there" yet, but, just throwing it out there.

Also, if video por-naw-graffy don't float your boat, there are some fabulous books of vintage lesbian erotica that are mighty fun to read out loud with a partner. I'm sorry I can't link.
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The energy drink I would recommend is Rockstar Recovery. Non-carbonated, no calories, tastes like lemonade. Put a little vodka in it.

Put some Buddha Bar on.
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A sex shop should have something to clean toys, like this
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Something instrumental may be the way to go for music, because it's more likely to fade into the background and less likely to cause an interruption because "Oh, yech, I've always hated this song" or something. Peter Gabriel's Passion is a good choice (lots of drums, vaguely exotic-sounding Middle-Eastern influences -- it was his soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ -- and a "suggestive" title).

Or, a friend of mine once said that the absolute best song to screw to was The Rolling Stones "It's Only Rock And Roll".

As for food -- get a copy of Isabel Allende's book Aphrodite and flip through that. It's a lovely book in its own right -- a celebration of aphrodisiac food lore. It's part memoir, part history, part cookbook. Most of the book is taken up with stories of the lore surrounding all the different "aphrodisiac" foods (here's all the vegetables that people say are aphrodisiacs, and here's why, and oh, here's a fun story about a guy who tried to seduce a vegetarian with a picnic only they got chased off the picnic ground by a bull...), but she's got some recipes in the back too. Flipping through may give you an idea for some food to keep on hand (either the recipes, or just some raw ingredients that sound especially enticing from what she's written).
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If you're truly going 24+ hours, more gatorade than you think you'll need -- but also make sure it's something that you both enjoy. (Energy drinks aren't any good if you won't want to drink them.)

Hard candy -- because dry mouth can get really annoying

Snickers -- or some sort of quick to eat, non-messy, no-preparation needed snack. You can go more healthy probably if you want, but I'm usually of the mindset if one is going to be decadent, go all out.

Have fun.
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Ice cream sandwiches. The best afterglow snack on a hot summer's afternoon.
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Oh, another food suggestion, from a friend who heard it from a friend who did this very thing -- the couple got about four pre-packaged salads, a clean garbage bag, and a cooler. They opened up the bags of salads and dumped them all into the garbage bag, and then stuck that in a cooler next to the bed, where they could reach in and grab a handful of salad wheneer they wanted.

And then, as my friend put it, "they then spent the next two days fucking and eating like rabbits."
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Menus and recommendations for all the good take-out places in your neighborhood. You'll need the fuel!
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Enough clean towels so y'all can shower several times, in case you want to go out once or twice without stinking of sex.

Clean sheets to swap in afterwards.

There's something wonderful about being all sexed out, then showering so you're all clean and settling down in clean sheets. It's enough to inspire you to start the whole cycle all over again! :)
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they could reach in and grab a handful of salad wheneer they wanted

Who does this?? They totally just did that so they could say the punchline.

To answer the question:
- fluffy towels for many showers
- a cooler with drinks by the bed so you don't have to drink room temperature liquids or get out of bed - plus instant access to icecubes for sexytime
- extra hairbands to keep hair out of the way
- easy blindfolds
- ideally, a variety of toys
- erotica - one of my most memorable days was spent tied down in bed being 'forced' to listen to my lover read out loud
- more lube than you think you'd ever need!

Oh, the list is endless, really. Enjoy!
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drink lots of water! DEHYDRATION IS REAL.
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Plenty of water. Also, you can never have too many ice cubes. Keep a thermos of either hot coffee or pre-made hot tea available for hot & cold fun. Find a good local eatery that delivers or arrange for a friend to get take-out from such a place and deliver it with no questions asked. (Avoid heavy foods.) If you don't have them, invest in some very high thread-count sheets--cheap sheets are too abrasive for this sort of action.
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Yay marathon sexy sex!

This list is geared for summer and warm weather, but may be modified for colder weather.


Lots of water - chilled. A filter pitcher or such is fine.

Stock of cubed ice. Also consider a bucket full of ice for keeping bottles cold but nearby.

Some light juice or mineral water, or iced tea. Avoid soda and refined sugars. (There's going to be plenty of sugar below)

Dark Chocolate - especially if it's something with pepper in it. It helps activate the happy chemicals in the chocolate.

Frozen fruit or berries - mango, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.

Sorbet - one or two pints.

Nuts - almonds, cashews, walnuts

Dried fruit: Apricots, candied mango, dried cherries or blueberries. Dates.

Cheese and/or deli meats, crackers, hummus, pita.

Jar of Nutella for berries or eating with a spoon, or licking off of your partner. (pretzels or toasted bread go well with this as a snack, too. err, for nutella, not licking.)

An easy to prepare main course or two that's good for snacking. Consider something that's good to snack on in small amounts without much fuss. A cold roast to slice off small chunks, or a chicken, or a pre-made salad. Anything that's good both warm or cold and right out of the fridge. Chunks of smoked/candied salmon. Deviled eggs.

Libations - to taste, preference or experience:

Wine - cheap or whatever, not expensive. Save the nice wine for a proper dinner. Chablis, zinfandel,chardonney all mix with berries. Or merlot or shiraz. Float frozen berries in it, mix/blend with sparkling water. Blend a bit of white with a bit of red wine. Delicious.

Edible and/or smokeable cannabis.

Maybe a hard liquor of your choice. A good tequila is nice sipping for sexy fun times, not as serious as a scotch. Or a vodka for sipping or mixing.

Coffee - freshly ground and ready to go for brewing. Or have some cold brew extract on hand, or simply a pot of chilled coffee in a jug for microwaving. Or tea.

Furniture and environment:

Lighting is sexy - making out in the dark is usually boring - but soften the lighting. Drape a colored scarf over that lamp - safely. Get some battery powered candles, or some real ones. Keep the real ones out of harms way in fireproof dishes so you don't have to worry about the wax or fire.

Couches - clean them, populate with pillows and throws. Use luxurious and tactile cloth - silk, satins, velvet, or whatever floats your boat. Linen or fine cotton is nice for some folks, too, and not so cloying. Or a favorite comforter or spread.

Scarves, wraps and throws are handy to have around for snuggling or warding off a chill without getting dressed.

Bed - clean bedding, duh. Bring out the sexy sheets. Stock clean towels large and small near the bed. Arrange lube, toys and protection somewhere handy, but don't hide them. Make a display. ;) (Also got batteries? Charge 'em or stock up on fresh ones.)

Incense - Lavender or myrrh or sandalwood or real live flowers of preferred fragrances. Nag Champa is nice. Sage is pungent and earthy and sweaty. Scent is amazing, but don't overdo it, and not cheap smoke shop incense.

Lots and lots of pillows for ease of body positioning, comfort or other creative uses.

Towels, or wet wipes for freshening up.


Vibes, dildos, strapons. Vibrating eggs. Beads. Include condoms for quick-change safer sex toy sharing.

Hitachi Magic Wand AKA the Orgasmatron 2000. (YMMV on personal preference, as many women find the Magic Wand can be waaay too intense. Granted, it's not a Symbian but it's close.)

Restraints - padded fabric cuffs, rope, handcuffs, or scarves. (For light restraint play and teasing only. For serious restraint play - consult your local BDSM FAQ for safe knotwork and bondage routines - but by all means do choose a safeword if you're going to tie or restrain each other in any way.)

Percussive toys for spanking, if desired. It's a really good way to crank up the stimulation. Hands work just fine, too.

A low melting temp candle like tea lights for wax play. Test it first!

Ice cubes. Also consider an ice dildo if you're that adventurous. Fill a condom with water, tie it off and freeze it. Even if it's not used for insertion play it can be used externally as a teasing toy, especially when used with wax. You can also freeze/chill glass or silicone toys.

Gloves and lube for g-spot play, fisting, general cleanliness - or playing "doctor". (Bonus points if you have a cold stethoscope and a labcoat.)

Costumes or sexy clothes if desired. No, not plain old lingerie. Think more along the lines of a sheer, floaty dress to throw on without a slip between sessions while snacking, or a sexy night gown or robe, or a nice button down boyshirt. Or if it's your thing, go for costumes and roleplaying. Pick your favorite historical characters.


Body painting with something edible. Or dry, soft paint brushes for teasing. Draw sexy pictures or words on each others bodies and try to guess what the other partner is saying or drawing. A fingertip or a chopstick can also be used for this kind of tactile play.

Teasing - lightly restrain each other and then touch each other. Tease with fingertips . Tease with the luxurious cloth you've distributed around the house. Introduce ice cubes or the melted wax. Do not rush things. Avoid overstimulation. Find and then avoid her erogenous zones. Tease. You know you're doing it right when either of you just can't stand it anymore.

Get fully dressed between sessions, just so you can undress each other again. Reset the clock and set boundaries - make out like horny but chaste teenagers fully clothed for an hour until you can't stand it anymore, then tear off each others clothes again. Repeat.

Bathing - take a bath or shower together! (You did clean the tub and bathroom, right?) Scrub each others backs or feet. Massage feet, hands, neck and back. Take your time and just touch everywhere. Dry off and get dressed again, have a snack, then resume making out.

Play games where you can only touch each other with one or both hands. Or only the tip of a nose. Or only your lips. Restriction and teasing builds things up.

Build a couch fort. A sexy couch fort. Hide toys in it. Drape in luxurious cloth like a Bedouin tent. Or set up a real camping tent in the house somewhere.

Wrestle. Whoever wins and pins the other gets to decide what favors the loser will preform on themselves. (Wrestling can even be replaced with rock-paper-scissors or thumb wrestling. Or a game of blackjack or poker.)

If your house is big enough, play hide and seek. Take turns finding each other and making out wherever you find them.

Take breaks to go for walks and discreetly make out outside just so you can rush home and appreciate being there again. (Dressed or mostly dressed, obviously.)

If you have a private yard or patio - use it! (careful, now.)

Play with blindfolds. Take turns blindfolding each other and teasing. Stand your blindfolded partner up and spin them around a bit, then guide the to some other place in the house to make out and tease each other. Trust exercises like this can be very sexy, and the disorientation of being blindfolded and then moved is mysterious and stimulating.

Cuddle, touch and talk. Take moments to breathe and connect and communicate. Take turns being the big spoon and little spoon.

Read to each other from erotica. Find something you'll both enjoy on Literotica, or hit the classics. Anais Nin's diaries. The Story of O. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Poetry or stories from On Our Backs.

Aaand, that's about all I can write without totally losing the plot. I need a cigarette.

Have fun! Communicate! Fuck like bunnies!
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I certainly hope you have a bathtub. Go for a glorious soak in candlelight, some Rilke to read while soaking. Wooden bowls floating with: chocolate ice cream, popsicles, whip cream.
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Twister, champagne, lots of lube, disco music.
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Stock the fridge with peeled, sliced mango, avocados, strawberries to dip into yogurt sweetened with brown sugar, orange sections, popsicles, beer, wine, etc., salami, cheese, mustards, great breads, crackers and some good chocolate. Maybe some pie. Foods that are ready to eat, and fun to feed to one another, or have amazing texture (mango, avocado). Foods with different levels of spiciness to stimulate more senses, but that are ready to eat, so food is not a distraction.
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While I second the many of the suggestions upthread, I find that some marijuana is also pretty nice for this sort of thing.

E or acid can also be awesome, but that's a lot more hit and miss and can leave partners feeling more touchy than sexy.

No real experience with coke sex, so can't recommend it.
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Make sure to have something on hand to do together that's not sex, because you're going to want breaks and its fun to play Settlers of Catan or read Harpers naked. Game rules can be sexified on the fly as desired but sometimes doing something anti-sexy while naked is fun and refreshing and good for intimacy.
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quality champagne and chocolate
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My favorite fake band name was born of just such a situation: Tragic Battery Failure. Learn from my mistake!
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Ooh, ooh, yes! Sensory stuff! Pieces of fur (not PC, but eff that, it feels amazing), silk, satin, velvet--also burlap, window screen material, sandpaper--fringe, ball chain, brushes of various type (a toothbrush, a nail brush, a hair brush, a scrub brush). A handful of drinking straws that you can roll across someone's skin, like you're rolling a snake out of clay, you know? Strings of mardi gras beads--guaranteed to make anyone laugh when you slide the strand through their toes. Bubble juice and a bubble wand. Foil. You get the idea.

Also, a blindfold.
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Uh, plan on taking a break, going for a nice walk in the park, maybe visiting an art gallery or a museum, for a little change of pace in the middle of your experience.
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Agreed on the food, think about what you can snack on easily. Smoked salmon. Raspberies. Light beer. Wine. Lemonade. Chocolate covered almonds.
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Our tried-and-true menu for an afternoon at the sex motel: Brie with whole wheat crackers, sliced apples with caramel apple dip, Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes, and bottles of wine. No prep if you buy bagged slices, tasty and reasonably nutritious. We find ourselves nicely fortified by this spread.
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totally nthing the "dress you throw on and footwear that makes you feel kinda wanton/naked" thing, comboed with a way to go outside when it gets dark and chill. i have fond memories of a day like this back in college where when the stars came out i threw a shift on, some leather boots i left unzipped, and nothing else and we sat out on my fire escape in a rumpled daze and shared a cigarette and it was just right.
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