What on earth did my son eat!?
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Help me identify this weird thing that my son may have eaten!!

So, my son was out in the backyard with my husband and came in with a handful of little seed pod things. He had one in his mouth, which I successfully got away from him, and grabbed the rest of his stash. Not sure if he actually ate any or not, and that's what worries me!

They are rather small pods, and have three compartments. Overall, the pod almost looks like a very small developing green pepper. Inside the pod are small black seeds that look somewhat like whole pepper kernels. They came on a stalk that is weedlike, and there are about 20-25 on a stem.

I'll try to post a picture here as soon as I can get it uploaded, if that helps. Any ideas you might have would be great! Thanks!
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Be safe. Call your local poison control center:
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A picture would help people ID it.
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Your husband or son might also be able to point out what plant it came from, which would help with identification as well.
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Was it twisted stalk? The pods look like peppers. They're edible but can cause diarrhea.
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Husband here. Three pics of the plant. It was in stalks of about maybe 20 stalks in a grouping, about the size of a very large dandelion plant.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3
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Pictures of leaves would also be very helpful. And general location on the globe.
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There were no leaves on the plant. Roseburg, Oregon.
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Daylily seed pods. This forum thread, among others, suggests they are not toxic to humans, but… I'd still want to be careful.
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How high are the stalks?
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About 15 inches tall. Yup, they're daylily. Called back poison control with the name, and they said it's fine (although we won't put them in a salad anytime soon).

Thanks so much for all the help! Phew!
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Yep, I think Nomyte has it.
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Best answer: Looks like Bluebells to me.
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You can, however, wait until next year and put the actual flowers in a salad, if you'd like. They're considered to be an edible flower.
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Daylilies would be larger and have fewer pods per stalk.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! Your answers really helped us, as Poison Control could not ID the plant for us, and wanted us to figure out what it was before proceeding. We did get a positive ID on it, and all is well (although he may have a few gross diapers, they say). You saved us driving around town trying to find an open garden supply center (which is what they suggested).
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Sorry, those are not daylily seed stalks. Daylilies only branch on the upper third of the scape, and the ovary does not have a persistent style like the ones in your photos. I think the people who are saying bluebell are correct.
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Response by poster: Everyone who voted bluebells is right! They are bluebells, for sure. Thanks for catching that, folks! Luckily, bluebells don't appear to be dangerous, and our son is fine (and now we have pretty flowers to look forward to!).
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(and now we have pretty flowers to look forward to!).(although he may have a few gross diapers, they say).

Do these sentences go together in any way?
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