What is this tree/shrub thing?
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I am trying to identify a tree (or shrub thing pruned into a vaguely tree-like shape) that I walk by every day. It has purplish/magenta-ish blossoms and it smells lovely. No it is not a lilac. It is currently in bloom (in the Pacific Northwest). Pics inside.
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Wow. That is a huge peony. Beautiful!
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Best answer: Rose of Sharon.
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Definitely a large shrub in the mallow family. I agree with beagle, probably a Hibiscus syriacus, also called rose of sharon or shrubby rose-mallow.
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Another name you might hear is althea -- that's what I grew up calling those in Tennessee. The scientific name for the common marshmallow is Althaea officinalis, while rose of sharon used to be Althaea frutex (but has now been updated to Hibiscus syriacus).
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I too, thought Rose of Sharon. They humming birds just flocked to the flowers. (Southeast Louisiana)
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Response by poster: Thanks metafilter, I knew you wouldn't fail me!
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