How to get ParaView to work with a browser?
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Need help interfacing ParaView with a web page.

I have a vtk file of 3D data and I'd like to use something like JavaScript to interface with Paraview and render the image in a browser that will let users view and ideally rotate the data.

Looking at pages like this it seems like it would be straightforward, but setting up this PWService is giving me problems. Some pages say I need to download programs like Tomcat and ActiveMQ and have them running but other pages seem to provide contradictory information. Or pages seem to have a focus as if I was running Unix instead of Windows XP. Some pages have me changing environment variables, others don't mention them.

Can someone please walk me through this process step by step? Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions so I can provide any additional necessary information.
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Response by poster: Found out this isn't even possible on a PC anyway. Ended up not using Paraview at all.
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