Is it a bush? A tree? A whazzit?
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Yet another plant identification question!

I am hoping someone can help me in identifying the bush (tree?) pictured in the following two (blurry/cell phone/I'm sorry!) photos:
First picture (probably the best one)
Second picture (slightly closer up, different angle)

I have loved this thing for 2 years now and it's time to find out its' name so I can possibly make one my own!
Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Wisteria, I think, trained into a sort of tree deal. It's normally a vine.
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Best answer: ...with a bit on training it here.
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Best answer: Definitely wisteria. Does it smell gorgeous?
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Best answer: Just a note: wisteria is incredibly beautiful and fragrant, but the cultivated varieties are somewhat less so. This is important, because, and pay attention to this bit, if you end up with the wild variety it will crush whatever you train it to grow on. I include steel trellises in this statement (or so my bosses at the greenhouse told me.) I know the wild stuff may be tempting, because it's just so gorgeously scented, but if you're planting next to your house, your mailbox, or any trees you are fond of and would like to keep-- stick with the cultivated stuff.
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Best answer: "Wisteria is Latin for work" Regarding wisteria summer runners: Cut them off before they strangle a sleeping dog.
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Response by poster: Wonderful! Thank you all! I haven't ever really noticed a trellis or a fragrance so I just assumed it was a bush--d'oh! I will keep an eye out for cultivated wisterias at my local nurseries now. Yay!
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If you come up dry at the local nurseries (and you're reasonably sure that the specimen nearby is cultivated and not wild), you might also try your hand at one of these propagation methods. Good luck!
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Yup, wisteria. And WidgetAlley isn't kidding about the crushing part. I have an aunt who had a lovely wisteria growing over her 10x10' garden shed. Which looked ever so beautiful, until it crushed the shed, which had to be replaced. I also have a neighbor who lost a chain link fence to a run of wisteria, and some former neighbors who practically had to replace the awning over their front porch.

Wisteria is practically a pest around here (Pacific NW). I'm pretty sure that's the shape you get if you're vigilant about pruning it back every year.
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We have wisteria that tries to crawl into the house through a (closed!) storm window. It's lovely stuff, while simultaneously the stuff of horror movies. [Alfred Hitchcock's The Vines!]
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